Two East Midlands based charities, The Mighty Creatives (TMC) and Switch Up, have come together to lead a year-long series of cycling events launched this April 2021. Both charities are inviting other organisations to work in tandem and cycle 1,000,000 km collectively to raise £100,000 through the Boss Bike Rides challenge.

Set up amid the Covid-19 pandemic by TMC’s CEO, Nick Owen, the aim of the campaign is to raise vital funds for some of the most disadvantaged young people in the region. Boss Bike Rides will also provide critical support for professionals to come together safely, following periods of uncertainty and loneliness for workers during recent lockdowns.

CEOs, founders, senior managers and employees of any business in the region are invited to meet, network, socialise and become a peer support network – all through the medium of shared bike rides around the East Midlands and beyond.

Participants are asked to organise or participate in a group bike ride, of two or more people, anywhere in the UK or the world. Part of the campaign encourages participants to find ways to keep in touch during the bike rides, designed to boost mental wellbeing while raising vital money for vulnerable children and young people.

20 per cent of funds raised will go towards supporting the work of TMC and Switch Up; the remaining 80 per cent raised will be donated into the Youth Cultural Life Fund. Both young people and small local charities across the East Midlands (working with children and young people living in poverty and disadvantaged communities) can apply for funding through the Youth Cultural Life Fund.

Nick Owen, CEO at The Mighty Creatives, comments:

 “Ever since Marcellus Baz and I went to explore the countryside around Beeston, Attenborough Nature Reserve and Sawley Marina (only to promptly get lost in a field near Ratcliffe-on-Soar Power Station), we appreciated the value of cycling together to share stories and opinions, doubts and fears – and our hopes and dreams for young people across the East Midlands.

 “Getting lost proved to be a powerful incentive for us to start the Boss Bike Ride campaign and encourage others to share their experiences, learn new skills and approaches and improve their mental and physical health. We welcome all to join us, irrespective of your cycling skill and sense of direction! We’ll be with you all the way!”

 Marcellus Baz, CEO and Founder of Switch Up, comments:

 “Cycling, and fitness in general, are a central part of positive wellbeing. We’re hoping that this initiative has a positive impact on the professionals that take part, as well as going a long way to providing funds during a particularly difficult time for the region’s disadvantaged young people.”

 Marcellus is the founder and CEO of Switch Up CIC and Nottingham School of Boxing. The two organisations utilise sport, mentoring, education and counselling to transform the lives of young people and transition them into employment, training, and further education.

The Mighty Creatives will lead the campaign, providing support to participants on creating fundraising pages, forming a team and tips for fundraising.

If you or your organisation would like to join the Boss Bike Rides movement, please visit our Boss Bike Rides web page for more information, to download a fundraising pack or register your interest here.
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