Conkers Offers New Educational Visits for 2017

Conkers Offers New Educational Visits for 2017

KS2 school children can learn more about Romans, Anglo Saxons and Stone Age on new range of fun, interactive workshops at Conkers. 

New for 2017, CONKERS – the award-winning visitor attraction at the heart of The National Forest, will be working with Yeo Theatre Company to offer educational Roman, Anglo Saxon and Stone Age theme days during February and March 2017.

These new workshops follow the successful Stone Age Days that took place in November 2016. There are 11 dates from which to choose:

Roman theme days – 28 February, 1 & 2 March

Anglo Saxon theme days – 8, 9, 15 & 16 March

Stone Age theme days – 22, 23, 29 & 30 March

Roman Days

  • Meet a Centurion – join the Legion! The Britons are revolting and we need new soldiers to defeat them. Find out what it takes to join the most disciplined army in the ancient world
  • Life under the Romans – meet a slave and learn about life in a Roman Villa. Also, discover the exotic foods the Romans brought with them
  • Building a Better Britain – children compare and contrast a number of Roman inventions to do with bathing, road building and central heating and create an aqueduct in competition with each other
  • Meet Boudicca – children have an audience with Queen Boudicca! She tells the story of her life so far and enlists the children into her army
  • Roman Mosaics – what villa is complete without mosaics? Learn how to arrange your tesserae, and make beautiful floors, and works of art
  • Celts & Druids – children meet a British Roman to discover what life was like before the Romans arrived and how it has changed


Anglo Saxon Days

Conkers Offers New Educational Visits for 2017

  • Meet Alfred the Great – an audience with the King! He looks back on his exciting life and regales us with tales of his battles
  • Saxon Entertainment – what do we do when the work is done for the day? Stories and games! Stories play a special role in life. Children find out how stories are used
  • Settlers or Invaders – when you are travelling, looking for a new, better place to live, you need to decide where to settle down. The children are asked for their help in determining the right place for a new settlement. Let’s hope the locals are friendly
  • Live like a Saxon – when you visit a village, there are various characters to meet who all play a different role in village life. Children explore the various jobs needed in a village economy and discuss the hierarchy among the villagers
  • Saxon Clothing – when Winter is ‘Looming’, make sure you’ve got the skills to create warm and comfortable clothes
  • Norman Invasion – learn about the tactics used at the Battle of Hastings, and practice your fighting skills with a Saxon Warrior


Stone Age Days

  • Meet a Tribe Member – when you enter this workshop, sit down, be quiet and wait to see what is happening!
  • Beliefs & Burials – children discuss the beliefs of Stone and Bronze Age peoples and explore their worshipping practices and rituals
  • From Hunters to Farmers – children compare and contrast the difference in lifestyle between hunter gatherers and early farmers. What do they hunt and gather? And what role does technology play?
  • Weapons – from picking up a rock, to shooting a missile. Learn how our ancestors developed the tools to hunt and survive, in a dangerous world
  • Trading in Stone Age – a History Explorer takes the children on a journey, following Stone Age peoples on their travels. Where did they go to trade, how did they get there and what were they hoping to trade?
  • Grinding Grain – after gathering grains from the fields, the next step is to grind them into flour. Children grind some grain using both a saddle quern and a rotary quern and compare the two. They take their flour back to class


For more information or to book, contact the Education Team on 01283 213731 or email [email protected]  

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