The Cool As Leicester Social Club Offers Access to Inclusive Events in Leicestershire

Cool as Leicester Social Club

A new initiative which will combat loneliness and encourage people in Leicestershire to widen their circle of friends has been launched by Cool as Leicester.

The new Cool as Leicester Social Club will provide a programme of events throughout the year, as well as a new online community for people to meet those with similar interests.

Having lost count of the number of times we’ve heard “how do you make new friends as you get older?” or “I’d love to go to that gig but none of my friends fancy it”, Cool As Leicester has taken steps to make socialising in Leicester easier than ever.

The Cool As Leicester Social Club will provide safe spaces for people to attend and meet new people at the planned social events.

Events will also benefit from showcasing some of Leicestershire’s best independent venues.

As well as the main regular events, the launch of the new online community will enable people to find others who may be interested in attending specific events with them. Next time you see that gig you want to go to, why not ask if anyone else fancies it as well?

Editor of Cool As Leicester, Gabby Miller, commented, “As more people continue to work from home, we’ve seen an increase in those who say they feel isolated or are lacking a social circle to attend events with. The Cool As Leicester Social Club will offer a regular programme of events for people to come together and meet some new faces. As safe spaces where people can feel comfortable attending alone, it seeks to help combat loneliness and encourage everyone to meet those with similar interests. Sometimes you never know who is on your doorstep.”

As the Cool As Leicester Social Club takes its first steps they’re keen to find out what YOU want from the community. Interested parties are invited to fill in this FORM to offer their feedback to be used when shaping upcoming events and activities. 

Details of the first event will be announced soon and in the meantime, interested individuals can join the Cool As Leicester Social Club Facebook Group to start chatting and be the first to find out about events. 

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