Discover Mission Mars at the National Space Centre

This February half term, 15-23rd February 2020, Mars needs you!

Come face to face with a Mars rover, discover all about four amazing missions to the Red Planet, watch a live science show and get hands on with activities for all the family.

Every 26 months or so, Earth and Mars get closer. As they near one another, a window of opportunity opens for launching to the red planet. In the summer of 2020, four space agencies around the world plan to launch pioneering missions. Come to the National Space Centre to discover what we know, what is happening right now and the future of landing humans on Mars.

”It might be helpful to realise, that very probably the parents of the first native born Martians are alive today.” – Harrison Jack Schmitt, Apollo 17.

Join the centre for a live science show to explore the exciting missions launching to Mars in 2020 and learn about the future robotic and human exploration of the red planet!

Explore the science zone filled with fun hands-on Mars themed activities! Investigate the senses of Mars, Mars geology and more!

Meet the Expert: Hear about the latest Mars missions research by experts in Martian exploration! (Weekends only).

Meet Bruno: Come and meet our special guest, Bruno, a working model of the ExoMars rover, alongside Airbus Exomars experts who will drive Bruno across our mini Martian surface at the National Space Centre.

When you buy a ticket to the National Space Centre you will also be able to see an award-winning planetarium show at no extra cost.

Book now and upgrade your tickets to an Annual Pass for free.
Tickets cost £15.50 per adult and £12.50 per child with a planetarium show included in each ticket.
Annual passes are valid (£3 per person to add a planetarium show upon arrival, subject to availability).
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