Free Wildlife In School Grounds Conference At Leicester City Hall

Learning through Landscapes – the UK’s leading outdoor learning and play charity – is hosting a free wildlife in school grounds conference this June in Leicester.

The conference, which is part of their Erasmus+ funded One World Learning (OWL) project, will share influential findings from national school grounds projects, explore the impact of European school ground programmes and discuss the different ways learning through nature can inspire and empower communities to live sustainably.

OWL – which is run in partnership with BirdLife Malta – has been running since September 2018 and advocates learning through nature in collaboration with partners around Europe.

Carley Sefton, CEO at Learning through Landscapes, said: “We’re really excited to share our findings from the OWL project with educators, wildlife professionals, conservationists and gardeners across the country.

“The project has focussed on breaking down the barriers against getting outdoors, re-engaging with the local population in Malta (where the project is based) and connecting the local population and teachers with nature.

“We’ve learnt so much; all invaluable lessons that can be brought to school grounds here in the UK. We hope to promote and share this mentality through our upcoming conference.”

The conference will include keynote talks from a variety of industry experts, including Dr Steve Head, Ecologist and Chairman of the UK Gardening and Wildlife Forum, Susie Smith, Development Manager at Learning through Landscapes and Sarah Brady, Education Manager at BirdLife Malta.

Speaking of the conference, Dr Head said: “This is a brilliant opportunity for NGOs, conservation and school ground professionals to come together and learn from one another.

“At a time when the future of the UK’s relationship with Europe is uncertain, the OWL project stands as a true celebration of what successful collaboration across Europe looks like.

“Nurturing wildlife within school grounds is crucial not only for the future of our planet, but for the wellbeing of our children and young people. We need to foster a connection between them and their environment, whilst giving them the sense of purpose and inspiration to boost their happiness and influence positive mental health.

“We are delighted to be involved in the conference; one that explores all these benefits, findings and much more.”

Held on Thursday 13 June at Leicester City Hall, the conference is free to attend. To find out more about the project, visit
To book your place at the conference, email [email protected].

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