Girl Power Arrives At Curve Theatre With ‘Aidy The Awesome’

Aidy is a normal 8-year-old girl… or so she thinks! One day she discovers a family secret that changes everything. Aidy and her granny embark on an adventure that turns their world upside down at Curve, Leicester from on the weekend of the 30th April.

They even begin to question what normal is. After all, who wants to be normal when you can be SUPER! Aidy the Awesome is a stunning aerial theatre show for all the family to enjoy. Watch the performers literally fly, zoom and spin through the air!

Aimed at 3-8 year olds and their families, the show intends to highlight to young women that they too can be strong, resilient and empowered and the superheroes in their own stories!

Hannah, Director and Creative Producer of Aidy the Awesome said: “We are really excited to be taking Aidy out on tour across the UK after the show was made during the pandemic but is yet to be performed live. The show has been received so well by our audiences online, and we are looking forward to see the response from more children who want to be as awesome as Aidy.”

Hannah continued, “According to the Guardian- children’s media and books are packed with gender stereotypes: princesses waiting for Prince Charming, fairies dressed in pink, and heroic characters that are almost invariably male. So, we are keen to explore stories in which girls are protagonists in alternative feisty, funny and strong roles. We want to break down the princess archetype and offer young girls different role models to aspire to.”

In 2020, when the pandemic hit The Gramophones took their planned intergenerational, workshops with grandmothers and grandchildren (5-12year olds) online, helping them to connect while they couldn’t physically be together and now they are also taking these workshops on tour to meet girls and grannies all over the country.

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‘Bright, bubbly and with a ‘badass’ granny’ – British Theatre Guide
**** ‘Fast-moving and feisty’ – The Stage
**** ‘A brilliant short show for the young ones and their family’ – East Midlands Theatre

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