How you can look your best – Naturally!

Elena Chapman of FAB Clinics lifts the lid on the beauty industry and lets us in on some of its best-kept secrets to looking amazing.

It is natural for us to want to look our best at all times, other than when we are in the security of our home, perhaps having a pyjama day. Billions of pounds are spent annually on this goal on a wide array of products and services. These include clothes, accessories, shoes, bags, make up, creams, serums and soaps, hairdressing, nails, brows and lashes. When you look at your own spending the amount that goes towards looking your best is a substantial proportion of household expenditure.

Recent advances in beauty aesthetics mean that non-invasive aesthetics have entered the public consciousness but are still yet to be experienced by most people.

At Fab Clinics we focus on utilising the latest technologies to deliver NON invasive, NON painful treatments with negligible downtime that are proven to work. We focus on providing the most luxurious and relaxing experience for our customers. The clinic stands out as a something you would more expect to see in Knightsbridge or Chelsea.

Fab clients have the confidence that they really do look their best for their age. The before and after photos are testament to the fact that the
treatments really do work. You may not want to permanently look like you’re in your twenties, but looking healthy, with minimal sags and lines is an appealing thought. Especially if it doesn’t break the bank!

Non-invasive treatments focus on creating very minor, often microscopic, trauma to the layers of the skin and fat cells by means of energy transfer. The rest is done by you.

Your body responds to the treatment by generating a protein called collagen. This is the glue that holds our body together and is present in all organs of the body. The collagen production, which can continue up
to three months after the treatment will serve to tighten, lift and counter laxity. Sags are tightened and lifted, wrinkles smoothed out and the skin takes on a healthier more youthful appearance.

Once the collagen has done its job, the ageing process and effect of gravity will continue, but from the more youthful base. The way I view it is that the body has not evolved to understand that we live in times of unlimited food source. In Darwinian terms, we need a youthful outer look to attract the best mate during the prime child bearing years. But later in life the internal organs of the body are prioritised, and the skin only receives sufficient attention to be functional rather than attractive.

Non-invasive treatments “trick” the body into thinking it requires the healing collagen and the result is a more healthy and youthful skin. You can call it a bit of a life hack, but it is totally natural.

One of the main methods used is radio frequency. This has traditionally been used in conjunction with surgical procedures to achieve the optimum result. More recent is the realisation that radio frequency can be extremely effective in isolation of surgery. No pain, no downtime, four to twelve sessions required.

High Intensity Focussed Ultrasound (HIFU) is considerably more powerful
and focussed. One treatment only is required for amazing results that
keep developing for up to three months after the treatment. It is the only non-invasive treatment that creates the micro trauma in the deepest layer of the skin, which causes its tightening and lifting effect to be that much
more pronounced. Some clients experience minor pain during and minor aches for a few days after the treatment. There is no downtime.

Face peels and Intense Pulse Light treatment are particularly popular and effective for treating rosacea and acne and for permanenthair removal.

A final word on ethics. We truly believe that a healthy body and a healthy mind is one where you are happy with the body you are in. Our aestheticians are trained to recognise when expectations are clearly too high for the likely outcome. Similarly, we are very aware of the intense following of this subject amongst the very young. We will not treat anyone under 18 without parental consent and focus on confidence boosting acne treatments for those in their late teens and early twenties.

The next time you spend on any of those products or services that assist you to look your very best, consider non-invasive aesthetics. You may not wish to alter how you look, but everyone wants to look their natural best!

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