Immersive street art exhibition set to open in Leicester

Immersive Street Art Exhibition Set to Open in Leicester

A cutting-edge immersive exhibition featuring subway street art and graffiti is set to captivate visitors at Leicester Museum & Art Gallery from Saturday 3 February. The showcase, which includes large-scale 3D animated projections, will transport audiences into a vibrant virtual world of subway trains, adorned with original graffiti artworks from global street artists.

This groundbreaking exhibition is a collaborative effort between Leicester-based arts organisation MBD and the aerosol project team from Graffwerk, renowned for the globally acclaimed Bring The Paint street art festival, which is set to return to Leicester in May. Support from BID Leicester, Arts Council England, and Leicester Museums & Galleries has made this unique experience possible.

Paint to Pixel x Repainting Subway Art will be open until Monday 27 May, and is set to celebrate the rich history of graffiti and street art, providing a platform for often overlooked artists to share their compelling narratives with new audiences.

The exhibition will be divided in to two parts, the first of which will host the immersive experience Paint to Pixel, which is MBD’s latest large-scale animated installation. The local arts organisation is well known for work in virtual reality and 3D animation. Complementing the immersive exhibit, the second half will feature archival material and firsthand narratives about street art and graffiti.

Visitors to Leicester Museum & Art Gallery will experience a colourful journey through the evolution of urban expression, encountering a blend of traditional and digital art along the way.

Paint to Pixel x Repainting Subway Art will be exhibiting at the Leicester Museum & Art Gallery from 3 February – 27 May 2024. For further information, visit:

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