Improve Your Fitness With an Electric Bike

Staff at Rutland Cycling’s new store at Everards Meadows, Leicester take a closer look at how to improve your fitness riding an e-bike.

It may seem like an obvious connection, but an electric bike means more cycling and more physical activity – and as autumn is around the corner it is a great time to get out on your bike and improve your fitness levels.

Increase your normal ride distance – you can ride further with an e-bike, with the fear of being caught out too tired to ride home gone, you can discover more roads. Let’s say you normally ride 15 miles, on an e-bike you’ll probably be able to ride 20-30 miles. That’s a huge increase and you’ll be getting so much more time out on the bike.

Don’t forget, an e-bike is pedal assisted so although you’ll have help from the bike, you still have to ride the distance. Where could you ride if you had one?

Use less assistance – In the beginning you may rely on turbo mode for the hills and during a strong headwind, but as you ride more and more, turn that motor to the sport or eco mode to rely on your own legs. As you become fitter you’ll only need to rely on the top assistance modes during particularly steep hills. Your fitness will increase and you’ll be able to cycle further, perhaps even try cycling for short periods of time with the battery turned completely off.

Cut out the car – Now you have an e-bike, riding to the shops or the gym will help to increase your weekly physical activity levels. If previously it was too far, that distance will now be manageable and you’ll much prefer spending the time outdoors compared to behind a wheel.

If you’d like to try an e-bike, book a free test ride today!
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