Support Given to Keep Leicester Businesses Safe

Since Lockdown, the Leicester City Council have been making over 1,200 visits to 920 businesses around Leicester to make sure that they are all following Coronavirus safety rules to help keep customers safe during these hard times.

These visits included food manufacturers and factories where the council found no issues or causes for any formal action or prohibition notices.

As well as this, Trading standards officers carried out 52 visits to beauty businesses as they have been re-opened since mid-August. From these visits, only two warning notices were issued to businesses that were carrying out treatments that still held restrictions. As the Government stated that no facial treatments are allowed as of yet.

There were also visits made to 28 hotels in Leicester, and although 12 of them were closed, the other 16 were all found to have good compliance.

From these results, it seems that Leicester after Lockdown is starting to look more and more positive. With more stores starting to open, and businesses putting in strict safety measures, Leicester really is beginning to return to a new normal.

For more information about Leicester’s Lockdown Restrictions visit:

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