With tonnes of new discount codes available each month from our favourite brands, millions of us take to Google to get our wish-listed products for a discounted price, it’s been revealed  that those living in Leicester are the most dedicated to saving money! Each month, Leicester residents make 177,490 searches each month for ‘discounts’, ‘sales’ and other cost-reducing terms. A whopping 69.60% of online users in the city have looked for simple ways to save some cash.

OnBuy.com surveyed 3,480 shoppers across the country and discovered that 17% of Brits choose not to use discount codes because they feel embarrassed to present them at check-out and  although big brands such as Nike, Topshop and Tesco offer discounts daily, less than 3 in 10 (29%) make use of them!

Interestingly, food discounts are the most appealing to spenders as 83% make an effort to scour for UberEats, Deliveroo and other takeaway offers. Each month there are 614,750 searches for UberEats discounts and 214,510 searches for Deliveroo discounts!

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