Leicester Tops Britain’s Best Towns & Cities for Families to Spend Outdoors!

With children excited to get back outside, after a summer spent indoors.The Entertainer took a look at the best towns and cities for families to spend outdoors based on how many family-friendly outdoor space they have, from parks and playgrounds to beaches and botanical gardens.

  • Leicester comes out on top – with an impressive 524 family-friendly outdoor spaces every 10 square miles – 956 in total!
  • Norwich follows second with 415 family-friendly outdoor spaces per 10 square miles
  • Bronze goes to Oxford with 225 family-friendly spaces per 10 square miles

The ranking was created by using data from the Ordnance Survey and Sygic Maps.

The Best Towns and Cities for Families to Spend Outdoors outdoor spaces per 10 square miles:
  1. Leicester
  2. Norwich
  3. Oxford
  4. Reading
  5. Ipswich
  6. Southampton
  7. Bristol
  8. Stoke-on-Trent
  9. Nottingham
  10. Glasgow
  11. Plymouth
  12. Portsmouth
  13. Dundee
  14. Wolverhampton
  15. Luton
  16. Torbay
  17. Derby
  18. Eastleigh
  19. Liverpool
  20. Bournemouth

But what happens when we take population into account? Looking again at our list of towns and cities, we then added in population figures, to calculate how many other people you’ll be sharing your outdoor spaces with:

The Best Towns and Cities for Families to Spend Outdoors – outdoor spaces per 10,000 people:
  1. Highland
  2. Falkirk
  3. Norwich
  4. Bedford
  5. Leicester
  6. Milton Keynes
  7. Renfrewshire
  8. South Oxfordshire
  9. Isle of Wight
  10. West Lothian
  11. Flintshire
  12. Perth and Kinross
  13. Aberdeen
  14. Stafford
  15. Camanthenshire
  16. South Lanarkshire
  17. Bath & North East Somerset
  18. Lancaster
  19. York
  20. North Hertfordshire
All data credits to The Entertainer, and for the full data click here.

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