Leicestershire’s LENA WALKER to Launch Debut Album

Leicestershire's LENA WALKER to Launch Debut Album

A former Miss Leicester, Lena Walker, who contacted The Sir Thomas White Loan Charity in a bid to help get her music production business off the ground, has released her debut album, entitled ‘Find Your Tribe’.

Léna Walker, who borrowed from the Charity in 2014 in order to establish herself as a recording artist, music producer and guitar teacher, is back in the United Kingdom having spent six months hitch-hiking around South America and the West Indies with little more than her guitar and flip-flops.

During her travels, Léna has been writing music, culminating in the production of ‘Find Your Tribe’ – the debut album which is being released independently.

The Sir Thomas White Loan Charity provides interest-free business and education loans to people within Leicestershire and Rutland. Applicants over the age of 18 and under the age of 35 may apply for up to £15,000 to assist in the start-up of new business, whilst loans of up to £6,000 are available to people wishing to study for a post-graduate degree.

All loans are interest free for a period of nine years, with equal monthly repayments commencing three years after the loan is taken out.


For more information about the Charity, please visit http://www.stwcharity.co.uk/ or visit http://www.leyleyismusic.com/ to find out more about ‘Find Your Tribe’ and to purchase your copy.


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