Let There Be Light with Bluesuntree

Let There Be Light with Bluesuntree

With the dark night’s drawing in our focus is firmly on how to effectively illuminate our interiors. Often an afterthought, the way we use light within a room takes a lot of consideration and has implications in terms of practicality, style and comfort.

First of all what is the rooms to be used for? Do you need specific task lighting? and then what about style? You may crave a pure, minimalist or contemporary space, or perhaps you’re a slave to retro design or love a bit of eclectic elegance? Whatever your preferences, interior specialist Bluesuntree‘s latest collection of lighting showcases their firm belief that good design should be at the heart of every home.

Well known for their range of design led furniture, Bluesuntree’s enthusiasm for affordable design is evident in the all the products they showcase both in their extensive Birstall showroom and on their website. If you are searching for something different, that you won’t find in every large store or furniture chain, then you’ve found the right place.

Choosing a ceiling fitting? Firstly let’s think about the space. Do you have high ceilings? Then be bold and go for a big statement piece. For a dining area why not go for a group of lights. They can be set at different heights to add interest or be grouped by colour; either can be extremely effective and will add that extra design edge to your room.

Table and floor lights are a great way of adding subtle light to a room and are so easy to incorporate into your existing interior furnishings, without going to the expense and time of re-decorating. It’s important to think how your lights look when lit and unlit so make sure you try them on and off!

Bluesuntree have a great selection of lighting that are reminiscent of a piece of art; a fantastic way to add form and interest to a characterless corner. Let’s also not forget the wall; an area that many people shy away from if the fixings aren’t already installed. But Bluesuntree have thought of this too and sell lights that are fixed to the wall but plug in to any socket – perfect for directing light in a more understated way.

Find out more at their showroom, centrally placed, just outside Leicester City Centre and only 10 minutes from the M1. Or, if you prefer, visit them online at www.blusuntree.co.uk

Bluesuntree Ltd, 5 Coal Cart Road, Birstall, Leicester. LE4 3BY Tel: 0116 267 0267

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