How to Choose Your Perfect Wedding Ring with the Lanes Fine Jewellery

How to Choose Your Perfect Wedding Ring with the Lanes Fine Jewellery

Of all the items of jewellery you’ll ever own, your wedding ring is the most important. A constant companion to your daily life, choosing the right ring can be harder than you think. We talk to Carli Onguc of Luxury Jewellery Boutique, Lanes Fine Jewellery, to find out how to choose your perfect wedding ring.

How to Choose Your Perfect Wedding Ring with the Lanes Fine Jewellery

Do wedding rings follow trends or go in and out of style?
No not really; wedding rings, like the sentiments behind them, are timeless. I would say it’s more about tradition and individuality than fashion or trends.
What are the key things to think about when choosing a wedding ring?

Well it’s almost the same questions you ask before you say I do; you’re choosing this ring above all others to wear for ever more so will you still love it in 30 years’ time? A wedding ring is like no other piece of jewellery as it is with you always. It is the one part of your big day that you always have with you so it’s a big decision to get right.

How do you make sure you get exactly what you want?

The key is to be open minded, push your boundaries and try different styles on; styles that you
never imagined as well as what you had in mind as your perfect wedding band. You’d be amazed at how many people choose something totally different from what they’d originally envisioned.

Is there any such thing as too much bling?

Noooo! LOL. Bling can be tasteful but it’s not about their being TOO much bling it’s about having the right bling!!! If you want your ring to make a statement then you just need to make sure that it’s the
right one.

You read a lot about making sure your wedding ring matches your engagement ring and coordinates with your partner’s. What’s your take on that?

It’s completely your choice- it’s your wedding ring! It represents an important day and person in your life so you need to have what you want. Maybe consider having the same colour metal or same family of metal but there are no real rules. We do have some clients, whose circumstances have changed between their engagement and their wedding, who take the opportunity to upgrade their engagement ring at the same time as having their wedding ring designed. We can reset the stones from their engagement ring with new ones in a new design reusing the old mount etc. so that they have something more representative of their life now going into marriage.This is becoming increasingly popular.

What is the process when choosing a wedding ring at Lanes?
At Lanes we work with you to get the best ring for you! We will advise you about metals and designs but ultimately it is your choice. All wedding rings at Lanes are made to order so you know that your wedding
ring has been made especially for you. We have a vast range of wedding ring ideas but also offer a bespoke design service and can put most designs on to most wedding bands. We can add your partner’s
heart beat or thumbprint to your ring or even the first verse of your wedding dance inside; the possibilities are endless!

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