Review: Wish You Were Dead, Curve Leicester

Wish You Were Dead
Review: Wish You Were Dead, Curve Leicester


Wish You Were Dead kicked off a major tour of the UK mid-February and is run at Curve until Saturday, July 22. Get ready for a rollercoaster ride of suspense, deception, and the occasional cheeky red herring – it’s a comedy thriller that’ll have you on the edge of your seat!

Imagine this: you plan a dreamy holiday, only to find that the reality is a far cry from the glossy internet pictures. Been there, right? Well, that’s exactly where author Peter James found his inspiration for this gripping tale.

Detective Superintendent Roy Grace, played by George Rainsford, ventures to rural France with his partner Cleo (Katie McGlynn), their little one, Noah, and their friend/nanny, Kaitlynn (Gemma Stroyan).

Their destination is the ominous Chateau-sur-L’Évêque, and as they arrive amidst the stormy weather, you can feel the gloom of the place like a shroud. The set design by Michael Holt is downright spellbinding, with dark wood, eerie decorations, and creepy mounted animal heads that’d give Agatha Christie’s mysteries a run for their money.

Rebecca McKinnis delivers a mesmerising portrayal as Madame L’Évêque, who started the play as a suspicious French hostess and ends it as something entirely different.

While Rainsford skilfully brings Detective Grace to life, he’s perhaps a tad too polished for the world-weary and tormented DSI. McGlynn’s depiction of Cleo is confident and fierce, adding an electrifying element to her character.

Kaitlynn’s presence becomes a vital breath of fresh air for the couple, providing them with someone other than each other to confide in. Stroyan’s brilliant portrayal effortlessly draws you into her character.

As for the rest of the cast, no spoilers here, but they deliver splendid performances that you won’t forget.

This adaptation comes with a sprinkle of humour and surprises, making it a must-watch for all detective story aficionados. You’ll be glued to your seat, holding your breath, and occasionally chuckling at the unexpected wit thrown into the mix.

Wish You Were Dead is at Curve until Saturday 22 July. To find out more and book tickets, visit, call 0116 242 3595 or visit Curve’s Box Office in-person.

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