Spinners Debuts at The Y Theatre This Weekend

The debut of the play Spinners by Kelly Jordan will be showing at Leicester’s Y Theatre for two nights only on 28 and 29 June.

Kelly Jordan from Leicester, the writer and director of the play, lovingly crafts and intertwines the stories of Leicester’s 1970s Northern Soul and 1990s Club scenes, unveiling the memories, rituals, music and excitement of being young and loving music. The play spotlights Leicester’s rarely reported legacy and influence on both of these iconic and important youth subcultures. 

The idea behind Spinners comes from Kelly’s own family and their love of, and involvement in the 1970s Northern Soul and 1990s Clubbing scenes. The play highlights how both genres of music have played a significant part in their family life and shaped their friendships over the years. Her brother, Lee Jeffries, owns one of the rarest records in the World (only 2 copies in existence), arguably the most iconic Northern Soul Track: ‘Do I Love You” by Frank Wilson. He is a well-known DJ on both the Northern Soul and Clubbing scenes and will be playing the original Frank Wilson record live, as part of the performance. 

Kelly says “Spinners is an unapologetic and deeply nostalgic trip down memory lane. It brings to the stage, the untold story of Leicester’s fashionable working-class youth, specifically their involvement in the 70s Northern Soul scene and 90s club culture. The play aims to immerse the audience in a dramatic narrative that combines believable and relatable characters with an iconic music playlist. Designed to transcend generational and cultural divides; it is a show that openly proclaims: ‘Our world is a dance floor for everyone. The disco ball, our rotating sun’.

The project involves Drama and Performing Arts students and alumni from De Montfort University, where Kelly is a Senior Lecturer, working alongside community-based actors and local Northern Soul and Club dancers. Kelly’s long-standing relationship to both these music subcultures gave her unrivalled access to the DJs, record shop owners, clothing retailers, venue owners, club promoters and faces from these memorable times; with interviews capturing true accounts and experiences which shaped the script and content of the play.  

Audiences can expect a thrilling and heartwarming delight of music, dancing, nostalgia and fun, joining the cast on a journey through the highs and lows of a family’s cross generational involvement in both music scenes. 

Spinners is a must see for anyone who enjoyed or still enjoys being aligned with a music scene that shaped their youth and friendships. 

For tickets, please visit https://ytheatre.ticketsolve.com/ticketbooth/shows/1173655041

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