The Journey of a Leicester Mum to Nature’s Divine Skincare

The Journey of a Leicester Mum to Nature’s Divine Skincare

A mother’s battle with postnatal depression has been the catalyst for the creation of an award-winning, family skincare brand, Nature’s Divine.

Celebrating its first anniversary on 25 April 2024, the brand is a testament to the strength and ingenuity of its founder, Kam Sagoo, who sought to find the purest and most natural skincare for her baby amidst personal challenges.

Compelled by the lack of organic options to care for her newborn’s skin and motivated by her own healing process, Kam transformed her struggle into a successful enterprise.

Nature’s Divine quickly resonated with families everywhere, leading to its rapid ascent as a front-runner in the family skincare market.

The past year has been a remarkable journey for Nature’s Divine. The brand culminated in the prestigious Bronze Award for Best Baby Skincare Product from Project Baby and celebrated the Vegan Beauty Award.

These accolades highlight the brand’s commitment to creating products that are not only kind to the skin but also to the environment, embodying the ethos of vegan and sustainable beauty.

Reflecting on the brand’s inception and growth, Kam Sagoo shares, “Converting my personal hardship into a force for good has been incredibly fulfilling. Knowing that Nature’s Divine is making a positive impact on other families, while also being recognised by our industry, is more than I could have ever hoped for. I have put my heart and soul into creating these products, and the results speak for themselves.”

As it approaches its first year of operation, Nature’s Divine stands on the cusp of greater industry recognition and market growth. The brand remains dedicated to its mission of providing safe, effective, and luxurious skincare options for all ages.

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