Tim Peake’s Spacesuit on display at Leicester Space Centre

The National Space Centre has acquired a very special new artefact; the Sokol KV-2 emergency spacesuit worn by ESA astronaut Tim Peake during his Principia mission to the International Space Station (ISS).

Tim Peake said;

“It [the spacesuit] will take pride of place in the Space Centre’s new exhibit charting an astronaut’s journey from training through to their mission launch, time in space and return to earth.”

Tim’s spacesuit joins other significant space garments on display including suits worn by Apollo astronaut Buzz Aldrin, UK Born NASA astronaut Piers Sellers and even the EVA suit worn by Matt Damon in the movie The Martian.

Thanks to the Science Museum Group, which acquired the suit for the nation, the National Space Centre will be home to this iconic piece for the foreseeable future. The spacecraft which carried Tim to and from the ISS, Soyuz TMA-19M, has gone on display in the Science Museum in London.

The Sokol suit is coming to the National Space Centre after joining Tim Peake’s spacecraft on a tour of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales presented by Samsung and Science Museum Group, inspiring 1.3 million visits along the way.

The Sokol suit was developed after three unsuited cosmonauts asphyxiated on the Soyuz 11 mission in 1971 when their descent module depressurised during the return to Earth. Every cosmonaut now wears one during launch and return from space. It will keep the wearer alive for a number of hours in the event of a cabin depressurisation. Each suit is tailor made to the individual cosmonaut and comprises an inner, airtight ‘bladder’ of rubberised plastic and an outer layer of nylon canvas.

Malika Andress, Head of Marketing at the National Space Centre said;

Tim is an amazing ambassador for space exploration and STEM learning, his Principia mission has inspired a generation of children throughout the UK and worldwide. His spacesuit will continue to stimulate conversation and engagement, with over 300,000 visitors every year.  We are delighted to offer the suit a home and look forward to welcoming Tim back to the Centre to see it in situ.”

For more information visit https://spacecentre.co.uk/
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