Record-breaking Tower Run event for LOROS Hospice

Record-breaking Tower Run event for LOROS Hospic

Last weekend was the third annual LOROS Tower Run, with record numbers of competitors stepping-up to the challenge. Nearly 400 people took part, which is more than double the figures from last year.

The challenge which was set in the city’s iconic St George’s Tower witnessed a another record breaker when Mark Sims, previous stair-climbing champion, lost his title to newcomer Elliot Slaughter who set a new LOROS Tower Run record at 1.27.9 minutes.

And in the female division, Sarah Frost smashed the previous record of 2.06.93 minutes as she finished at 1.49 minutes.

Speaking after the event, winner Elliot Slaughter said: “There was a lot of strong competition at the event this year so the win initially came as a real shock. But I’m absolutely delighted to kick start my competitive tower running career with a win.

“The event was fantastic. Considering how many people were running up the staircase in such a short amount of time I thought the event ran smoothly. The organisers did a great job and there was such a positive atmosphere around the venue.”

Entrants had the option to walk or run up the 351 steps to the top, competitively or not, in order to raise money for LOROS Hospice.

LOROS Events Lead, Andrew Ward, who also took part on the day said: “The atmosphere was just incredible. 384 people entered compared to 160 entrants last year. We had a real mixture of competitive runners, to those who wanted to walk it and those who were trying to beat their personal best.

“It feels like a Tower Run community, everyone was really supportive. I’m already looking forward to next year.”

The marshals and volunteers during the event were highly praised for their encouragement.

Viv Pickering, a participant who posted on the event page on Facebook said: “Fab event but seriously hard! I loved all of the motivational posters on the way up, and thank you so much to the amazing marshals. Your encouragement was much needed and made a massive difference.”

Cathy McBrearty, who also took part at the weekend, said: “Brilliant morning couldn’t have completed those stairs without the encouragement of the marshals.”

It’s the largest Tower Run in the East Midlands, and the biggest outside of London – people from all ages took part with the youngest being seven and the oldest 72.

For more information, or to sign up to next year’s event contact [email protected]

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