Twycross Zoo is threatening that they could be forced into a mass animal cull if funding streams are not opened to help them survive the Corona crisis.

The zoo, which had closure enforced upon them at the end of May reportedly costs over £500k per month to operate and provide 24/7 care to their 125 species of animals.  In the absence of governmental funding support and zero visitor revenue, the zoo faces a matter of life and death – quite literally for some of the endangered animals.

Twycross Zoo CEO, Dr Sharon Redrobe OBE, said: “As a group of large charity zoos, we were extremely disappointed to learn that this fund effectively excludes us.” Dr Redrobe had previously warned the government of a UK animal welfare crisis if sufficient funding was not made readily available to its large conservation zoos.

“As a charity, the zoo held some money in reserves, but much of their income was reinvested each year to support conservation projects, both at the zoo and abroad, aimed at protecting many of the world’s most endangered species. Reserves have now all but been used and finds itself entering a period of massive uncertainty”.

Help preserve Twycross and pay them and their ‘residents’ a visit.

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