Unique and Immersive Tour De Moon Festival Lands in Leicester

Tour De Moon

Bringing together talks, cinema, music and games all under one cosmic theme – Tour de Moon is truly a festival like no other. Tour de Moon celebrates the relationship between the earth and the moon with a number of thought-provoking, exciting and original experiences; with a special focus on nightlife, creativity and  culture. The festival will prompt visitors to ask ‘Why can’t we imagine a new way of thinking?’ – highlighting the need for radical imagination in the current global climate as well as encouraging alternative futures.

On its epic journey across the country, Tour de Moon will arrive in Leicester on 13th May. Four days of interactive events will be taking place in each city, appealing to everyone from amateur sports teams to die-hard clubbers. Events will be taking place in various venues across the city including Highcross Shopping Centre, Morningside Arena, Hansom Hall, 2Funky Music Café, African Caribbean Centre and Bishop Street Church. Visitors will also be able to experience the Moon Convoy as it arrives on Humberstone Gate.

Leicester was selected as the first city to host the Tour de Moon Festival in celebration of the city’s diversity and movement in the urban arts industry. It is also intended to offer additional support to the city’s nightlife sector in recognition of the fact that Leicester was kept under lockdown restrictions longer than anywhere else in the UK during the Coronavirus pandemic.

The programme will come to life through performances from local Leicester based artists. Channelling music, words and visuals, Mellow Baku will be appearing in the Moon Talks programme, whilst Jada O’Neill will bring her Bajan inspired soulful melodies to Moon Music at 2Funky Music Cafe. Leicester born Tayo will be drawing on his main influence of 00s indie, and he’ll be joined by spontaneous musician, rapper and songwriter, Marik, for a set of epic live performance. The full line-up will be available from www.tourdemoon.com before the event.

As well as the programme of events, Leicester will also celebrate the arrival of Moon Convoy on Humberstone Gate, featuring huge floats and interactive elements starting with a large rotating moon that appears and disappears at night with further interactive and ultra-violet experiences – expect cosmic transformations through live music and DJ sets, a full size replica of nine metre-long Archie The Squid who resides at The Natural History Museum, talks, film screenings, an inflatable game designed with the help of scientists at NASA SSERVI and the SETI Institute, a 9 piece Arkestra and a larger than life red phone through which visitors can talk to the Moon.

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