From bold and impactful watercolour designs to playful patterns, these are the 10 most popular wallpaper trends to try in 2021. Whether you’re looking to redesign your living room or bathroom, wallpaper is an easy way to transform a room in an instant.

MuralsWallpaper reveals the 10 most popular wallpaper trends, according to their Instagram followers.


Multi-colour abstract shapes aren’t going anywhere this year, as demonstrated by the popularity of Allsorts – a collection of watercolour splodges in peach, green, yellow and red. Abstract patterns are an ideal way to brighten up your home office, particularly for those in creative fields.

Textured Brush Strokes

Adding depth and texture to a wall is a great way to raise visual interest in your home. It can also help hide any slight imperfections in the wall. One way to achieve this without the use of paint is with a textured brush strokes mural, such as the Arshile design. With a soft sage colour palette, this design is versatile and suitable for any room.

Dark Florals

Dark florals are a striking way to add mood to a room. Whilst florals were once perceived to be old-fashioned and soft, their dark floral siblings add sophistication and a luxe feel to any space. The Cornelia design is an impactful combination of floral illustrations with rich tones.

Bold Watercolour

Bold watercolour designs can be used to create drama in the home, particularly when accompanied by darker hues. The MuralsWallpaper Instagram followers particularly loved the Luminosity design in an emerald green colour, featuring a watercolour cloud against a white background.


Celestial icons is a trend that spanned from fashion to interiors. Now, moons and stars are commonly spotted in homeware. Celestial wallpaper is ideal for creating a boho space, or even as a soothing backdrop for a nursery. The Mystical design combines lunar moons and shooting stars with a soft paper texture effect.


Botanical illustrations bring a tropical element to the home, transforming any room into a jungle. Redoute, one of the best-selling designs, has been reimagined in a dark colourway with blue, green and mustard tones.

Statement Art

Make a flamboyant statement by adding art to your walls. From paintings to illustrations, art murals can take centre stage in a room. Our Instagram followers love Scoop, a Pelican illustration by the artist J.J. Audubon.

Playful Patterns

Patterns are the perfect way to express your personality in interiors. From animal prints to human form, patterns can inject fun into a space. Sukhasana is one of our most popular patterned designs, featuring people doing yoga poses on a soft pink background.

Classic Blue

Blue is one of the most calming colours that you can use in interiors. It pairs well with plenty of other colours and layering shades of blue on top of each other can create a statement. Our Willem mural is a hit with customers, thanks to the striking brush strokes and contrasting shades.


Terrazzo is still a huge trend for 2021, thanks to the combination of creativity and luxury that it offers. Originally inspired by quartz and marble, the Stone Black design is an impressive way to bring terrazzo into your home.

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