18 Writers Collaborate to Capture Those Precious Moments All over a Cup of Tea

They say some of the world’s greatest decisions have been made over a cup of tea. For most, the drink represents more than just sustenance – it’s a window to the soul and an opportunity to reflect, meditate and unravel the stresses of life.

In a new book compiled by cup of tea studio, eighteen writers including Gurpreet sidhu come together from around the world to share their own personal ‘Cup of Tea Stories’.


A book of short stories based on a cup of tea. Written by the people who never wrote anything before! 18 promising upcoming writers showcased their memories about their cup of tea moments.

“I wanted this book to be very raw and humanity-rich,” explains the author. “Hence I chose people who have no previous experience of being published writers. This was deliberate, as it allows their stories to come across in their most natural way. Afterall, these stories are the collective story of humanity itself.”

Continuing, “The stories are all very wide-ranging and unique, even though they all come from the same moment – with a cup of tea in-hand. I hope readers can resonate with the stories and will reflect inward to discover their own cup of tea stories. Please share them with me, I’m excited to keep compiling stories for an upcoming paperback version!”

‘Cup of Tea Stories’ is easy to access

  • You don’t need a Kindle device to download and read ‘Cup of Tea STORIES’.
  • Just download the Kindle App on your Apple or Android devices, login and download!
  • Search ‘Cup of Tea STORIES’ using your desktop, download it there then read it on your Kindle App whenever you want!


‘Cup of Tea Stories’ is available now: https://amzn.to/3aDd7kw.

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