4 Projects To Take Your Garden To The Next Level

*Collaborative Post

When thinking about how to improve your garden area, it can feel a bit overwhelming. Choosing the right project to work on and trying to weight up the pros and cons can get confusing as you might have to decide between a few different favourite ideas. Or, you might not be able to decide on a project at all and are desperate for some ideas. We’ve put together some of our favourite garden renovation ideas that should hopefully give you a bit of inspiration.

Meditative Space And Wild Growing

Oftentimes our gardens are seen as a place for peace and tranquility—somewhere you can go to escape the hubbub of the outside world. Taking ideas from Japanese culture, you could implement features such as a raked sand stream or waterfall, rock sculptures, or even grow moss for an ancient look. These Zen-inspired ideas can bring a fantastical feel and provide you with some escapism to help you recharge and reset. Another great addition to a relaxing garden area is to plant a wild patch to help preserve the natural beauty of your garden. Leave this plot of local flora to grow naturally, and this will encourage wildlife to begin taking up residence and making good use of the space. It’s the perfect way to help pollinators thrive too!

Entertainment Area

If you’re more of a social butterfly than a butterfly enthusiast, you may be looking for a space to welcome guests to in both comfort and style. Allocating a majority of your garden to cater to visitors can be a really great use of the space. Create a mixture of relaxed seating areas complete with outdoor sofas and a firepit, as well as a dining space to diversify your gatherings. You should consider verandas as a great option to protect your guests from unexpected rainfall and other elements. These fixed structures are perfect for adding a sense of privacy and can act as a sort of extension to your home as well. You could even place a hot tub or permanent cooking area underneath it too.

Swimming Pool

In warmer climes it’s very common to see a majority of homes with their own pools, or at least with access to a shared, communal one. It’s not often you would see an outdoor swimming pool in the UK, but that doesn’t mean having one is unreasonable at all. The UK often experiences great weather over the year. Besides, there’s nothing stopping you from swimming in the rain either. Installing a swimming pool in your garden can also tie very well into your entertainment area, opening up the option for pool parties.

Private Allotment

If you’re searching for something more functional, and one that can help you to save money in the long run, you might want to think about creating an allotment area to grow your own produce. This can be a very simple, yet very rewarding setup, and can also look fantastic. Create yourself some planting areas, bordered by pathways and do plenty of research into creating your garden allotment. You’ll want to understand the best crops to grow, as well as how to successfully care for, harvest and rotate them for a healthy garden and bountiful yields.

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