5 Retro Consoles and Gaming Devices from Thumbs Up

Game on! Take a trip down memory lane and relive your youth with these classic retro devices and consoles so you can play to your hearts content.

Retro Pocket Games, £14.99 from Thumbs Up.

Get your gaming fix wherever you go with the Retro Pocket Games from Thumbs Up. With its 1.8″ LCD screen and keyring whether your passing time on a long commute or need some light lunch entertainment the Retro Pocket Games fits seamlessly into your pocket for gaming on the go. With over 150 8-Bit miscellaneous games to choose from you’ll be sure to find some of your old favourites.

Retro Console, £34.99 from Thumbs Up.

Ready to take on the challenge? Battle friends and family to a game on this totally throwback Retro Console from Orb Gaming. Adored by so many in the 80s this console is  jam packed with over 274 16-bit games from a variety of shooting, arcade, puzzle and sports activities – it’s nostalgic gaming at its finest that’s for sure!

Retro TV Games, £12.99 from Thumbs Up.

Plug and play your way back to the future with the Retro TV Games from Thumbs Up. Compact and ultra-portable this handheld controller looks and feels just like the gaming controllers of the 80s, yet it plugs straight into your modern TV. Get lost in endless hours of fun, playing a range of over 200 shooting, arcade, puzzle and sports based games.

Retro Gaming Mat, £29.99 from Thumbs Up.

Perfect for adults and children alike, get the whole family up and about with this Orb Gaming Retro Gaming Mat, for hours of endless play. Enjoy all 200 of the old school 8-bit games, brought bang up to date as it plugs seamlessly into the back of your TV – That’s all the best bits from the 80s brought to you in the present day!

Retro Handheld Console, £17.99 from Thumbs Up.

Offering a miscellaneous collection of awesome games, the Retro Handheld Console from Thumbs Up makes the perfect solution to cure an ounce boredom, at home or on the go. From classic games like Tic Tac Toe and Connect Four to shooting the enemy and collecting coins, enjoy over 150 8-Bit games. Bringing all the best bits from 80s gaming to the now.

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