5 Steps to Take the Pause out of Menopause

5 Steps to Take the Pause out of Menopause

For lots of women ‘the change’ can be tough, physically and emotionally, but it doesn’t have to put your life on hold. Menopause Expert Dr Louise Newson gives her top tips to help you take the ‘pause’ out of menopause and live your life to the fullest.

Hormonal changes can make mood swings one of the most commonly experienced symptoms of the
menopause. Research shows that those women who exercise regularly tend to live longer and have better moods than people who don’t exercise. Diet also plays an important role in your mood. Opt for vegetables, fruits and complex carbohydrates such as beans, brown rice, nuts and seeds.

Three out of every four menopausal women have hot flushes. Whilst triggers can vary from woman to woman, avoiding spicy food, alcohol, smoking and stress can help to control them. .

New research led by women’s intimate health specialists, MonaLisa Touch® reveals many women are worried about the long-term impact vaginal dryness could have on their relationship. There are various safe, effective treatments available for vaginal dryness such as vaginal moisturisers and topical oestrogen creams that can provide relief. Longer lasting solutions are also now available, including laser treatments which are a proven, effective solution for vaginal dryness symptoms, eliminating troublesome itching, irritation, and pain. Find out more at takeoutthepause.co.uk

A good night’s sleep is vital for refreshing and repairing our mind and body. One of the main causes of fatigue during menopause is changing hormone levels that are involved in regulating energy levels in the body.

During menopause women may notice hair loss or thinning due to changing hormone levels which can affect the growth and shedding cycle of our hair. The effects are very rarely permanent and hair should regrow again. Use a gentle shampoo and avoid brushing hair whilst it’s wet as that’s when hair is the most delicate.

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