With the coronavirus vaccine rollout, many people are starting to look excitedly towards the future. The thought of going to bars, clubs and restaurants again is undoubtedly a thrilling one. We will all be keen to put our best foot forward once we emerge from lockdown.

If coming out of lockdown looking your best is essential to you, then here are some of the simple and effective ways that you can ensure that you emerge looking radiant and renewed.

Start A New Book

Reading can do a lot to improve your mental wellbeing. It can help you hone your mind and act as a form of escapism. It’s also great for learning something new. It doesn’t matter what you read, as long as you enjoy it. You may be surprised by how much reading can improve your overall mental wellbeing.

Get Plenty Of Sleep

Sleep is crucial for looking and feeling our best. Seven to nine hours a night for adults is best to ensure that you are fully refreshed each morning.

If you often struggle to get to sleep at night, you could consider turning off all of your devices an hour before bed. The blue light from smartphones and computer screens can disrupt our natural sleep patterns, making it harder to nod off.

Additionally, you could consider setting a regular night time routine that will train your body and mind to be ready for sleep. You could also include the use of meditation or sleep music to help you get gently off to sleep.

Invest In Your Skin Care

A good skin care routine can help you to feel more confident. There are many different routines out there to choose from, so it could be worth researching the brands that will work best for you. Some of the essential items you could consider investing in are exfoliators, serums, moisturizer and cleanser.

For some excellent inspiration, check out Aesop’s iconic collection at SSENSE. Made with top quality products at prices that won’t hurt your bank balance, Aesop is perfect for anyone looking to refresh their skin care regimen.

Pamper Your Feet

Our feet often get neglected when it comes to self-care and beauty. On top of this, many people feel self-conscious about their feet. You could consider investing in some new luxurious foot creams and lotions to make your feet feel amazing.

For any particularly tough areas, you could consider investing in some moisturizing socks or slippers that you could wear about the house.

Drink Enough Water

Getting enough water every day can have many positive effects on your outer appearance, as well as helping you feel great in yourself. Staying hydrated can give you fresher looking skin, healthier hair and leave you feeling energized.

If you often struggle to remember to drink enough water each day, you could consider trying out a water bottle that has the times of the day that you need to drink and refill marked on it.

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