A Nip and Tuck to Cosmetic Surgery

How many of us can confidently look in the bathroom mirror without wishing something was tighter, smoother or more pert? The minority of us, I bet, which is why so many people turn to cosmetic procedures to give them back some of that lost vitality and youthful looks that we all wished we’d been grateful for twenty years ago.

One Leicester surgeon has launched a brand new website – www.my-cosmeticsurgery.com – which matches your cosmetic needs with the best, highest-qualified surgeons in the industry – meaning that you get the right results for you, on your doorstep.

Dluxe LEICESTERSHIRE & RUTLAND caught up with Mr Sankar to find out more…

Tell us about you.

I am a consultant Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon. I am the lead Plastic Surgeon and the Founder of the Plastic Surgery department at Kettering General NHS Foundation Trust. I also undertake private work at Nuffield Hospital, Leicester; Woodland Hospital, Kettering and SK:N Clinic, Leicester. I have lived in Leicester for nearly 20 years.

What do you do there?

At the NHS, I carry out reconstructive surgery following breast cancer and skin cancer, along with minor plastic surgery procedures for children.

In the private hospitals I carry out predominately cosmetic surgery procedures like breast enhancement, breast reductions, liposuctions, body lift, tummy tuck, face lift, nose jobs, mole and lump removal, anti-wrinkle treatments, skin rejuvenations and laser skin treatments.

When did you qualify?

I completed my undergraduation MBBS in 1989. After my training in general surgery and plastic surgery, I completed my plastic surgery FRCS in 2006.

What is your area of specialism?

Even though I am broadly trained in most of the plastic surgical procedures, I concentrate mostly in breast and body contouring procedures. I also specialise in non-surgical cosmetic treatments including laser treatments.

Tell us about your new business venture

My Cosmetic surgery clinic is a web portal that will bring well known cosmetic surgeons from around various part of the country under one roof. This will enable patients to choose the appropriate surgeon closer to their home, so that they can undergo safe cosmetic surgery procedures at their local private hospitals.

What makes this idea so unique?

The concept is not new but unique in that it brings together plastic surgeons who are highly trained, fellows of the Royal College of surgeons and who are also registered with GMC in the Plastic Surgery specialist register. The surgeons will be working closer to the patient’s home town and at their local private hospital. Patients can see the surgeon at the very next available appointment slot.

What will it mean to someone looking for advice or finding the best surgeon for their area of concern?

The portal will give them an opportunity to look for surgeons who are well qualified specialist in their local area. There will be a surgeon available in cases of complex issues and patients will benefit by getting opinions from more than one surgeon at any given time. If the surgeon is away and a patient needs urgent support, there will be someone available to support them

What inspired you to launch this service?

I have seen a number of patients going abroad for cosmetic surgery and coming back home with complications. No one wants to know or treat them, this is due to two factors:

1. Unethical web marketing

2. Cheaper prices

Through our web portal, patients will be provided safe and satisfactory surgical procedures according to their needs and their suitability. Our aim is to provide high quality procedures at affordable prices, nearer to home with the surgeon of their choice.

What advice would you give people interested in finding a cosmetic surgeon?

Look for an appropriately qualified surgeon by the web search or by ringing your local private hospital for advice. You can always ring us for advice. Make sure the surgeon is registered with GMC and in the specialist register for Plastic surgery.

If possible speak to your GP or someone who has had cosmetic surgery. Never sign-up to have surgery at the very first consultation; make sure you have done your research on the procedure you are planning to undergo. I’d also advise that you request that the Surgeon send a copy of the letter to you with details of discussion.

Finally, please try and avoid having surgery in a rush. That’s when corners are cut and bad decisions can be made.

Breast augmentation, Breast reductions, Tummy Tuck, Liposuction. Body contouring procedures and Non-surgical cosmetic treatments and lasers.

Nowadays, patients are influenced from what they see in social media like Instagram and Facebook. Peer pressure and celebrity endorsements.

How do people get in touch if they’re interested?

Patients can contact me directly by phoning or messaging me on 07974 686 133 or by Calling my PA Lara 07340557949

If you prefer you can email; [email protected] or visit my website www.my-cosmeticsurgery.com

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