A Twist of Date: The Best Personalised Advent Calendar for Couples

A Twist of Date: The Best Personalised Advent Calendar for Couples

Couples looking to get in the Christmassy mood this festive season need to look no further than A Twist Of Date’s personalised advent calendar.

This personalised QR-code collection of romantic, fun and creative couples’ activities adds a spark of magic that is sure to make 2023 a December to remember.

Perfect for long-term busy couples looking to reconnect through heart-warming moments, it’s a no-brainer alternative to the typical chocolate-filled Christmas countdown.

Whether it’s an impromptu trip to your local ice rink, engaging in an act of kindness together or writing each other a romantic letter to be opened on Christmas, each day brings something new and exciting to share together.

A Twist of Date entrepreneur Ruta said“Our personalised advent calendar is all about choosing to take a little pause in your busy lives to be intentional about connecting with your partner. A thoughtful set of small yet meaningful activities you can enjoy this December, adding a romantic, creative twist to every day in the run-up to Christmas.”

The A Twist Of Date advent calendar is available on atwistofdate.co.uk for £6.

The hottest products on TikTok, perfect for couples’ Christmas gifts

With over 250k followers on A Twist Of Date’s TikTok account, these products are proving the most popular this Christmas. Use code TIKTOK for 10% off! 

Flirty Dice – £5

flirty dice.png

Want to add more romance and less monotony to your date nights? Our Flirty Dice game is just what you need!

Get ready to spice things up by completing some naughty dares, answering flirty questions and earning points along the way. 

A Year of Hot Date Night Ideas – £6

year of date nights.png

Bored of Netflix and want to spice up your date nights? Get ready for a year of flirt, seduction and play. From strip poker to naughty polaroid photoshoots, a steamy adventure is on the cards. 

Cold Case File #1 – £15

cold case 1.png

Love a good murder mystery or a detective drama? Channel your inner Sherlock Holmes for your next date night and catch Olivia Hall’s killer who’s still roaming the streets of London!

Get ready for a heart-racing, nail-biting, blood-chilling night of playing detectives. Work as a team and investigate suspects’ statements, coroner’s reports, forensic lab’s findings, call logs and a bunch of other gripping evidence to solve this cold case file.

Match Me If You Can – £7

Think you know your partner like the back of your hand? Put your knowledge to the test with this romantic date night game ‘Match Me If You Can’.

Have a good laugh and share some intimate moments, trying to match each other’s answers to 75 funny, flirty and intriguing questions. Get your hearts racing, as you compete to reach the finish line, while completing some fun challenges along the way.

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