Booking a Private Plane: Step-by-Step Guide & the Benefits

Flying on a private plane has become much easier and more affordable. See here how to do it.
Flying on a private plane has become much easier and more affordable. See here how to do it.

If it has been your dream to fly on a private plane instead of a commercial flight, there is no time like now. In recent years, it has become possible for the average traveller to enjoy the freedom of this type of travelling. It is no longer only meant for those who don’t know the end of their wealth but also for regular travellers who often travel on commercial airlines. Whether you want to use this travel method for business or pleasure, there are certain perks you will enjoy. Let’s investigate together and find out how most people may now enjoy the benefits of private flying without buying a private jet.

What It Is About

For those individuals who would love to avoid the bustle of commercial airports, there are different ways to have a stress-free private jet travelling option within reach. The traveller has many benefits in using a private jet charter to get you from one to the next destination. 

What Are the Benefits

Before we go on, let’s look at the benefits of a private jet charter. There are more, but here are some of the apparent benefits. 

Stress-Free Travel

Of all the benefits, this is one of the highest-listed privileges any traveller can have. More than 50 per cent of all flyers say that flying on a commercial plane is worse than going to work. You deal with many stresses and inconveniences like flight delays, long layovers, and waiting for your baggage on commercial flights.

Shorter Travel Times

Private planes have access to many more airports than is the case with commercial flights. With a private charter, planes can fly directly to your destination to save time and travel costs. It is especially beneficial if you need to go to a remote destination where commercial airlines don’t go.

Cost Effective

A single commercial flight ticket is much cheaper than hiring a private charter plane. However, if you fly in a group, the cost-benefit per seat will increase per individual. For short distances like one or two-hour flights, the benefits may exceed the total cost of a commercial flight.

Higher Productivity

The time you will save when using a private charter plane will benefit the individual and the business person more. Time spent travelling alone may be cut in half, giving you more time to attend to business or entertainment. You will also have more privacy on a private jet than on a commercial flight. You can take phone calls and continue working on your projects while en route to your destination.

More Relaxing Flight

There is no need to worry about other things like going through the same process as commercial flyers before boarding your plane. You don’t need to share the cabin with a couple of hundred other passengers and compete for services. On a private jet charter, you can enjoy a much higher level of service, which is unavailable on a commercial flight.

How to Book a Private Plane

There are many different companies to consider when you book a private charter. There are other factors you need to consider regarding the final price of your private flight. Private jet charter prices are estimated by the hours it takes to reach your destination. Catering, fuel, handling fees, and the crew are some standard services included in the final quote. Loyalty or subscription plans are available for the more frequent flyers to save them some money.

Choose the Right Plane

When you are planning on using a private jet charter, you must choose the right plane. There are various planes to choose from, which may impact the final cost. Light jets are easier to maintain and more affordable and are the best option for shorter flights of up to 3 hours. These planes are also the best option for small groups or travelling solo. Mid-sized cabin planes are the more logical option for longer flights of three to five hours. Longer distances for more than five hours will require super midsize jets with more cabin space.

Different Types of Membership

There are different types of memberships for private flyers, and they all come with their own set of privileges. Most private travellers prefer fractional ownership and private jet cards. It is a timeshare option with only fractional ownership and much lower operation costs. Lease membership and fractional membership are some options available for the regular flyer. Semi-private flights, also known as book by the seat, are an option nowadays. You still share the cabin with other passengers.

Booking a private flight is relatively easy, and most private charterers allow easy online booking. These are some of the essential steps to have a hassle-free experience when travelling locally or even abroad.

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