Brightening Up the Home: Produce the Perfect Mood Lighting

Produce the Perfect Mood Lighting

Whether its floor, overhead lamps or fairy lights, certain appliances can exert a massive influence over a space – especially the one we live in. So how do you produce the perfect mood lighting?

Lighting affects the look and feel of our homes. And when it comes to our homes, many of us choose devices that will produce a particular mood.

So, our choice of products in this area can be immensely important. But what exactly should we be looking for when wanting to convey a certain theme?

In other words, which items create what effect? Fear not: our guide elucidates the different brightening techniques out there.



Lighting can improve our concentration dramatically, so it’s worth going for the brightest option in rooms like the kitchen. Although large windows and powerful light bulbs are the most obvious ways to awaken a room, arc lamps, large mirrors and other types of furnishing can further enhance this effect. If your kitchen or office leans towards the darker side, there are several guides on increasing light in these spaces, so there’s nothing to prevent you from achieving your intended mood.


If you’re aiming for a warm feeling, then floor lamps can really boost a room’s cosy factor. Ideal for lounges and other sitting spaces, these are excellent for wintry nights spent indoors reading, watching television, or conversing with friends and loved ones. Adding elegance to each room, these items come in a variety of designs and styles – so brands that guarantee luxury and quality like Cox & Cox  are worth visiting. This way, you can produce a tasteful, comforting place for relaxation.


Because most of us like to display our favourite objects openly in our homes, we may choose to accentuate these items with lighting. This is where accenting, which enables us to highlight particular parts of a room, is useful. Cove lighting is a great way to ensure that specific room areas receive emphasis whenever we flick the switch, but there are many other highlighting techniques to apply to your home, as well. Additionally, through capturing guests’ attention, illuminated pieces may very well lead to interesting conversations on how they came to be in your possession.


A lot of us want areas of our homes to mirror not only our tastes, but also our characters, completely. And most of us look to bedrooms, studies and even lounges to achieve this. As preferred scents are specific to individuals, candles are often a good way of injecting our identities into our living space – and as traditional lighting tools, they brighten rooms in a subtle and appealing way. Using them can induce a rustic feeling, is bespoke to your style and scent preferences, and brightens the room – what’s not to love?

Similarly, fairy light displays – in whatever design you choose – touch a room with magic whilst illustrating your personality and enables you to infuse a mood that’s personal to you.

Whatever mood you’re aiming for, knowing what to use and where to look can be really helpful in attaining it. And once you’ve found the right technique, you can reach your mood lighting objectives with ease, enjoyment and speed.


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