As food makes up part of the Christmas festivities, thortful release a new festive food tier list, featuring four tiers from God Tier to Give it a miss Tier.

In the God tier, with more than 200,000 UK searches a month were eggnog (probably because most of us don’t actually know what it is!), as well as mince pies, roast potatoes, and a classic Christmas dinner.

Food with 100,000 – 200,000 monthly searches fell into the Good tier. These include several desserts, such as chocolate, Christmas pudding, and classic Italian sweet treat, panettone. Pigs in blankets, nut roast, and mulled wine also fell under this tier.

Yule logs, cranberry sauce, parsnips, stuffing and Bucks Fizz all fell under the Meh tier, with 50,000 – 100,000 monthly UK searches each.

Meanwhile, in the Give it a miss tier, traditional festive treats like sherry, brandy butter and redcurrant jelly all had less than 50,000 monthly searches – probably because people are ignoring them in favour of something a bit more modern.

Interestingly, vegan Christmas dinners also fell into the give it a miss tier, proving that at Christmas time, all you need is a turkey and some pigs in blankets (well, as long as you’re not veggie or vegan!).

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