Brits Turning To Side Hustles To Combat Living Crisis.

side hustles help combating living crisis

One of the most prevalent side hustles is the use of social media and more people are now turning to it to cover gaps in their bills.

With the price of household bills rising at a rate faster than we’ve seen before, more and more people are turning to side hustles to cover the gaps in their bills. Of course, one of the most prevalent side hustles is social media. Thousands of people use platforms like TikTok or YouTube to create content with the intention of earning money through Adsense or the TikTok Creator Fund.

Now more than ever with a living crisis and an interest in turning a side hustle into the main. Reboot SEO Firm has utilised the social media calculator at Lickd to do some key research into this. They explored just how many views on YouTube and TikTok UK residents need to achieve to equal their yearly salary.

More people in the UK will turn to extra sources of income to help combat the living crisis and help them manage their money.

Some of the highlights from the research include:

  • UK citizens will need at least 8.6 MILLION YouTube views to match the current average salary of £25,971
  • TikTok creators would need to require an alarming 97,488,739 views to have earned the same as the average UK salary, a no easy feat!
  • Londoners looking to climb the property ladder will need a whopping 176,039,474 YouTube views – for an average house price of £529,829.
  • Live just outside the capital? A home in the South East will set you back 126,851,974 YouTube views or 1,433,084,463 TikTok views. (For a £382,781 home)
  • Those residing in the North East have it easier. For a £155,215 home, you’ll need 51,776,316 YouTube views or 584,932,434 TikTok views.

Do you have a side hustle? Do you think that social media is a reliable source of income to help cover gaps in your bills? Let us know your thoughts.

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