Calling All Tik Tokers – This Smart Device Will Revolutionise Your Videos

We’re all doing so much more over video link nowadays, who can remember at the start of the pandemic leaning your phone against a coffee cup balanced on a mountain of books to get just the right angle? Taking calls was exhausting!

Thankfully the widespread availability of what was once quite specialised technology means those days are behind us – technology like the Sandberg Motion Tracking Phone Mount, an intelligent phone mount that is designed to follow you as you move around and therefore always capturing your best angle!

Simple to use with a battery that lasts up to 8 hours, just place your phone in the grip- either landscape or portrait, switch on and watch as the mount automatically tracks your movements, always keeping you centre stage. The angle of the phone can be changed but the height cannot be changed meaning you may still need to pile up a few books to get the right height for you.

It’s a great tool if you’re doing an online presentation, trying to nail that killer Tik Tok routine, capture a home workout or to record an event where you just want to sit back and let the technology do all the hard work.

With no app to download we found it incredibly straight forward to use with a smooth motion free of judder. We did experience the AI getting a little confused sometimes and moving for no real reason although that could have been to do with us being sat in front of a window and moving light or from having a busy background.

All in all, for an RRP of around £45 you can’t really complain, and the Sandberg Motion Tracking Phone Mount does exactly what it says it will.

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