Christmas gifts for people who just really love coffee

Celebrate a caffeinated Christmas with Melitta®’s range of premium products including: Bean to Cup Machines, Filter Coffee Machines, Pour-Over Manual Coffee Brewers, Coffee Filters and Accessories – a must have for all ‘at home’ baristas.

Barista TS Smart®

For coffee enthusiasts looking for an alternative to time consuming manual espresso makers, Melitta Barista TS Smart® does everything from grinding, making thick creamy espressos to automatic milk frothing for your cappuccinos and lattes.

 Fitted with the intuitive Touch & Slide feature which allows you to simply and conveniently set and use your machine by gently touching the sensor panels – this machine comes complete with a number of added NEW features including:

  • The Melitta Connect App‘My Coffee & Smart Service’ – is designed to get exactly the taste you are looking for AND create and save delicious recipe ideas. The app can also be used to effortlessly set and monitor many functions including remote control access, automated user recognition, notification of maintenance as well as coffee tutorials on using and cleaning the machine. Simply connect a smartphone to the machine via Bluetooth and you’re all set. The My Coffee memory function also enables personal recipes to be saved for up to eight people, each under an individualised name whilst the recipe book function allows users to choose from 21 pre-programmed coffee variations.
  • Quiet as a Whisper Grinder (Awarded the Quiet Mark) – especially for quiet grinding with five different grind settings.
  • Once A Year Descaling Function – with a simple touch of the finger or push of a button, the super convenient automatic ‘once a year’ cleaning, descaling and flushing programme is designed to enhance both the quality and taste of the coffee whilst preventing lime scale deposits in the water system.

When it comes to precision, the Bean to Cup feature always freshly grinds the required amount of coffee beans and uses the ground coffee immediately whilst the innovative Automatic Bean Select selects the correct bean type for your favourite coffee. What’s more, the specially developed three-phase Intense Aroma brewing process guarantees intensive tasting coffee without having to change the amount of coffee or water used.

The practical Double Cup mode is a real time-saver, too, as it allows preparation of two identical drinks simultaneously.

Complete with the flexible plug in milk system, which can be attached to either side of the outlet, this high-quality German designed machine guarantees functionality and ease of use.

Barista TS Smart® (RRP £1,199). Available via Lakeland, Amazon, AO, Co-op Electrical, Bella Barista, Currys, Dawsons, E-Cookshop, Hughes Electrical and Redber Coffee.

CI Touch® by Melitta®

The new CI Touch® by Melitta® is among the all-rounders of Bean to Cup coffee machines with its one-touch function and new touch user panel. With just a simple gesture, four different coffee variations can be selected from the classic café crème to cappuccino and from latte macchiato to the espresso.

Moreover, six additional coffee specialities can be selected via the recipe book function. Its high-quality, modern touch user interface is augmented with a high-resolution colour TFT display that guides coffee lovers with clear instructions for their respective application.

When it comes to coffee preparation, the CI Touch® uses the ‘Bean Select’ dual-chamber bean storage compartment which offers space for two different types of beans such as light roast beans and espresso beans – each allowing preparation of an absolute favourite coffee with exactly the right beans. What’s more, every coffee speciality has its own recipe based on a pre-defined sequence of specific ingredients.

Its Italian preparation process ensures that brewing is carried out in the specific traditional sequence, elevating the beverages to professional barista quality. The new CI Touch® even allows coffee lovers to give their creativity free reign and save personal favourites for up to four people via the My Coffee memory function whilst the Double Cup mode allows two cups to be filled simultaneously.

When it comes to cleaning and maintenance, the CI Touch® employs PRO AQUA filter technology to filter the water during preparation and prevent lime scale deposits from accumulating in the machine.

CI Touch® by Melitta® is available in both Silver and Black (RRP: £999.99). Available via Lakeland, Amazon and AO

AromaFresh Grind & Brew®

Filter coffee has never tasted so good with the AromaFresh Grind & Brew filter coffee machine which delivers outstanding coffee thanks to its integrated grinder. The coffee beans are freshly ground with an easily adjustable grinder to adjust the size of the grind to create great tasting filter coffee.

There is also the option to switch the grinder off if you prefer to use ground coffee.

AromaFresh Grind & Brew by Melitta® (RRP: £164.99) is available via Currys, Hughes Electrical, Amazon,, Redber, eCookshop, Bella Barista and Another Coffee.               

Pour Over by Melitta®

As the trend for hand filtered coffee continues, Pour Over draws out over 800 flavours and is an excellent way to make delicious tasting coffee. With the new Pour Over products from Melitta® – including its stylish gooseneck kettle compatible with all types of cookers, this is hand filtration at its best.

Pour Over by Melitta® (RRP: £3.99) and the Gooseneck Kettle (RRP: £21.99) is available via Harts of Stur, Redber, eCookshop/Dawson Department Store and Amazon.


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