Did you know about these APPRECIATION days?

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It’s common knowledge the world would be a better place if we all showed more little acts of kindness. From helping an elderly woman in the supermarket to buying a homeless man a cup of coffee, these acts which take so little time and effort can bring a smile to a person who’s struggling.

There are people in our daily lives who make a difference to us, who you may not have even thought to appreciate before. From the lovely barista who makes your morning latte to the receptionist at the hair salon who always makes you feel welcome. There are plenty of national appreciation days to remind us to value and cherish the people who make our lives easier, better or even just happier. Here, we explore some of these days which you may not be aware of.

5th November – National Love Your Red Hair Day

Blondes and brunettes, it’s time to step aside; this one’s for the redheads! Showcase fiery locks by trying a different hairstyle. Twist long hair into milkmaid braids and messy buns or play around with a different parting and style for shorter strands.

If you’re ready for a bold change, why not take the opportunity to visit the salon and get a fresh cut. Opt for a fringe or take the plunge by chopping off a few inches. The bob is said to be the hot look of 2021 after all.

6th November – National Team Manager Day

Show your appreciation to your manager by surprising him or her with a gift. Chocolates or flowers are classics which usually go down well or ask your colleagues to club together to get a voucher so your manager can pick out a gift they’re sure to love.

If you have a small team or you’re a bit short on cash, you can still show your manager you care. Even something as simple as a “Thank you” card will convey your gratitude and support to them. If you want to add a special touch, a personalised card would be the perfect choice.

15th November – National Drummer Day

Grab your old band tee and your headphones, this is the day for listening to music featuring the greatest drummers of all time. Check out Phil Rudd’s hard-rock drumming in AC/DC’s Rock or Bust and Tommy Lee in Mötley Crüe’s Too Fast for Love. Another firm favourite was Earl Hudson of D.C hardcore rock band, Bad Brains.

If you’re a drummer yourself and have been inspired by the work of a great musician, why not send them a Tweet to let them know how much they mean to you and how much you appreciate their music.

8th December – National Bartenders Day

Celebrate National Bartenders Day by ordering a new cocktail or asking your bartender to recommend their favourite. Make sure you show your bartender or mixologist your appreciation for what they do by leaving an extra tip. New legislation is coming soon to ensure hospitality workers, including bar staff are entitled to 100% of gratuities paid via card, so you can be sure your tip is going into the pockets of the bar staff, not the business owner.

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