DIY To Keep The Kids Entertained This Easter

As the Easter Holidays begin, families across the country are looking for creative ways to keep the children entertained. 

In these uncertain times when children are experiencing a mixed feeling of boredom and confusion, parents can introduce them to a little DIY. Both educational, and entertaining!

Make A BirdHouse:

This is the type of DIY task kids love getting stuck into, and it will help them learn all about nature in your local area. Your little helper can design and build their very own bird home with a helping hand, obviously.

Top Tip: Keep the excitement flowing by encouraging your child to monitor the birdhouse visitors. And, continue the learning by searching online for interesting facts about each wild guest.


Painting is an essential DIY skill they’ll use for the rest of their lives. So, if an outdated room needs a spruce up, it’s the perfect opportunity to get your child involved. Teach young DIYers how to prepare a room for painting, and the importance of covering furniture.

Top Tip: Before your child begins to paint, get the area ready. Tape off areas not to be panted, and paint a border around the wall so the child can paint within.

DIY Practice:

Practice makes perfect, right? Get a large scrap of old wood, and let your children practice using a tape measure, tightening screws, and hammering nails. But, to avoid any injuries make sure your child is fully equipped with protective wear.

Top Tip: Introduce tools one at a time, allowing them to examine and get to know the tool before starting to use. Practice holding the tool safely, talk about how to use it and how to carry it.

Turn Trash Into Treasure

With a little dirt, you can turn any household item into a repurposed planters for your vegetables, herbs, and flowers. Your children can learn all about sustainability by repurposing their old toys, coffee cups, and tea tins.

Top Tip: For your impatient little ones use quick-sprouting seeds such as sunflower, cress and salad seeds.

Sanding wood

All those old pieces of wood? Lay them out on a protective sheet, and let the kids sand them down until they are smooth. Once smooth, let them decorate with glitter, paint, and all things colourful.

Top Tip: Introducing power tools to children can be scary, start with a screwdriver. It doesn’t spin fast and doesn’t have sharp parts.

Dismantling and Putting Back Together

If you have any broken gadgets lying around, let your little DIYers dismantle and reassemble them. Kids get the chance to unscrew and put things back together, the perfect entertaining and educational activity.

Top Tip: Avoid using any electronic items, as they may still have dangerous parts attached and they might hold voltage.

Bicycle Maintenance

Bikes are essential to every kid’s childhood, so learning how to fix them will come in handy as they get older and start to ride independently. Start by showing them the basics: check brakes are working correctly, fix a loose chain, how to change a tire and add air.

Top tip: Bike maintenance can be a dangerous task, spinning wheels, brake rotors, chain, and cogs are all dangerous for little fingers. Teach your child how to prevent injuries with protective wear, such as eye goggles.

Fixing Squeaky Hinges

Little DIY maintenance jobs around the house are a great way to get your children involved. Your little helper can assist in tightening squeaky door hinges and door handles. Introduce your child to the different tools and equipment you can use for small DIY jobs.

Top tips: When a tool isn’t being used, teach your child about how to store properly. For example, putting nails away in boxes and screwdrivers in draws.
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