Double Your Annual Leave With This Holiday Hack For 2021

After a challenging and disruptive year, the need for a healthy work-life balance is crucial more than ever to protect ourselves from burnout by taking regular breaks.

And chances are, we’re overdue for a break! While working from home is certainly a change from the norm, it’s not the same as taking time off, and has not necessarily improved work-life balance for most Brits. In fact, a YouGov study shows only 44% of people report feeling happy in the second half of 2020, compared to 75% who feel stressed and frustrated.

The team at Instant Offices reveals how Brits can strategically plan their annual leave ahead using upcoming long weekends and bank holidays to maximise time off of up to a whopping 41 days off in 2021.

To improve your work-life balance next year, find out how you can double your downtime and strategically book a few annual leave days in advance, according to Instant Offices:

Maximise Your Holiday Leave in 2021

Take a 10-day holiday by booking 4 days off

(1 Jan – 9 Jan)


Take a 10-day holiday by booking 4 days off

(2 Apr – 11 Apr)


Take a 9-day holiday by booking 4 days off and a 3 day weekend

(1 May – 9 May)

(29 May – 31st May)


Take a 9-day holiday by booking 4 days off

(28 Aug – 6 Sept)

December/January 2022

Take a 10-day holiday by booking 3 days off

(23 Dec – 3 Jan)

The post-lockdown workplace is also experiencing a backlog of annual leave requests. This is causing a bottleneck which may lead to you saving some leave days up for 2021 instead.

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