Espresso on the move with the Minipresso

Espresso on the move with the Minipresso from the Fowndry

If you thought standard black Americano was the closest you would ever get to your beloved espresso when on the move, then think again with the Minipresso.

Providing freshly pressed, frothy topped espresso shots at your fingertips, the Minipresso Portable
Espresso Maker from The Fowndry is full of cutting edge technology to create barista style shots and brews full-bodied coffee at 116 psi – the same pressure as traditional espresso machines.
All you have to do is pop off the top and bottom caps, add your ground coffee or capsule for the
Minipresso Nespresso, add hot water, and pump into the espresso cup included. Once finished all the
pieces cleverly fit back together to give you a single, light and versatile coffee maker that can be taken

The Minipresso’s easily fits in bags and pockets and due to the hand-pump feature, no electricity
is required, meaning no worrying about charging or batteries whether you’re out in the wilderness or
camping out at festivals.

The Minipresso Portable Espresso Maker is available online for £47.99 at

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