Exodus Travels Pledge to Become Nature Net Positive by 2024

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What is nature net positive?

Nature net positive means not only reducing our carbon footprint to minimise the impact on the planet, but ensuring our actions benefit nature and our ecosystems. Many businesses have taken action to become sustainable and decrease the damage done to our environment but realise that becoming nature net zero is not enough in our current climate.

For our society and the planet to become resilient and to enhance our ecosystems, we need to put more into the natural world than we’re taking away and make nature a priority in business decision-making. With biodiversity at risk in a greater way than ever before, businesses need to take responsibility for the part they play within the destruction of our natural world.

What can businesses do to become nature net positive?

Embarking on a journey to become nature net positive means identifying risks, strategies and priorities within the business to deliver results and produce positive outcomes for nature. Actions to promote such results include nature-based solutions, procurement options, zero deforestation, no carbon emissions, replanting and regenerative farming. Alongside these is the willingness to partner with other sustainable suppliers with similar goals and commitments.

Becoming nature positive and maintaining this goal is set to be a continuous journey for businesses for many years to come. Exodus Travels, the adventure specialist, has pledged to become nature net positive by 2024 and has committed to giving back to the planet. In their goal to accelerate their efforts to support nature, Exodus Travels proactively seek to support the regeneration of nature and the planet we all share.

Exodus Travels and their goals for nature net positive

By creating and running trips in a nature-positive way, Exodus Travels are seeking to reduce the negative impacts that travel has on the planet and have devised a set of goals and pledges to that end. Already using eco-lodges and accommodation with small carbon footprints, their business goals to increase this positive action include-

  • Restoring– Whatever is taken from nature is restored through regeneration and rewilding 100 square metres per passenger. Protecting natural processes allows nature to take care of itself and thus provides a healthier planet for everyone. By restoring what we have effectively destroyed, we can give our planet a chance to thrive and provide for our communities.
  • Reducing- To minimise the negative impacts created by travel, Exodus Travels have made a commitment to half their carbon footprint by 2030 as well as to compensate for every individual trip and the carbon emissions these create. Now going even further, their goals include reducing food waste and providing more plant-based options on their trips.
  • Removing- A strict animal welfare policy means avoiding harmful interactions and practices that destroy the ecosystem. Exodus Travels are also pledging to engage with suppliers to help remove this risk and exploitation in the long-term. Plus, eliminating single use plastic on all trips will contribute to less waste and pollution and promote a healthier planet.

Well aware that travel can have a devastating effect on nature, Exodus Travels have acknowledged the climate crisis and have committed to transparency in their business through all of their nature net positive goals. By continuing to measure and monitor these goals, they plan to provide nature net positive adventures within three years. But they’re also aware this is not a short-term plan or solution- these practices will need to continue for decades to come.

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