Finding the Right Tyres for You

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People spend a lot of time looking for the right car for their needs, but have you ever considered that you also need to choose the right tyres? The tyres play a key role in performance, efficiency and safety, so it is important that you find the right tyres for your needs and there are a few important factors to consider.

Your Car’s Needs

First, you should look in your car’s handbook or on the wall of the current tyre to find the tyre size. Every car has a tyre size that you must use in order for it to work properly, so you need to make a note of this. Crucially, make sure that you never mix tyres including different sizes, tyres and tread patterns and depth – it is both illegal and dangerous.

Driving Style

When choosing new tyres for your car, you should always consider your driving style. Driving style can have a big impact on tyre longevity, so it is best to try and be a careful yet assured driver that practices safe, smooth and efficient driving. Unfortunately, it is not always this easy, though, and if you are an aggressive, anxious or reckless driver then you may need to choose hardwearing tyres that will be able to withstand these harsher styles of driving.

The Seasons

Another major factor to consider is the seasons/surfaces that you will be driving on. Summer tyres could be used during the dryer, warmer months of the year as these types of tyres have a firmer rubber compound with shallower tread patterns that can improve grip and performance in warmer temperatures.

Winter tyres, meanwhile, have a softer compound, deep grooves and narrow cuts that can improve performance in cold, wet and snowy conditions and avoid aquaplaning.

A good alternative is investing in car tyres that are suited towards all-seasons reaps provides the best of both worlds and stops you from having to change your tyres when the seasons change. All-season tyres feature longer tread-ware, they are more affordable than other tyres and you can get extended warranties of up to 90,000 miles.

Every motorist should take the time to find the right tyres for their car. This can impact key areas like handling, efficiency and safety, but you need to take the time to work out what the best car tyres are for your particular car, driving style and the conditions that you will be driving in.

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