With the Government admitting that their contact-tracing app will not be ready until the winter, the first track and trace app for venues that can be downloaded from Google and Apple has been created by a British software developer. It allows pubs and restaurants to securely collect the customer data they need while also automatically alerting people if they have been in the same place as someone presenting with COVID-19 symptoms.

SafeVenues is easy to download for both venue and customer and it makes sure the data is centrally stored under strict GDPR conditions rather than kept in a drawer in a restaurant and can immediately be made available to the NHS when requested.

The app has a built in symptom reporter and notification system that will automatically notify the venue if a customer as developed Covid-19 and any customer there at the same time as the patient.

The SafeVenues platform creates a QR code for each venue that signs up, enabling customers to self-scan as they go into the venue using the SafeVenues app on their mobile phone, which is free to download. Once registered, the platform will retain a record of the name and email address of each customer who has scanned in coupled with the date and time they attended the venue. The data will be securely held on the SafeVenues system for 21 days and be provided to the NHS on request.

Venue owners can register at for a small fee and will be supplied with the QR code and signage to display at the venue, advising customers of how to scan in and out of the venue.

The TRACK AND TRACE app is available to download at Apple App Store and the Google Play store by searching SafeVenues.
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