Outdoor Seating Ideas: How to Choose Garden  Furniture

Turn the plain space into an outdoor entertainment area with garden furniture that matches your space and style.
Turn the plain space into an outdoor entertainment area with garden furniture that matches your space and style.

Your garden is the ultimate retreat, a spot for relaxation with family and friends. Turn the plain space into an outdoor entertainment area with garden furniture that matches your space and style. It doesn’t matter if you have a small or a large garden; there is an option to fit any space. This post shares brilliant outdoor seating ideas, so go through them and pick your favorite! 

Determine your needs

Finding furniture that suits your budget is simple. Sites like VidaXL offer affordable garden sets so that you can choose the right fit for your taste. But before you even browse the wide selection, it is important to determine your specific needs. Based on this, you can choose a set that matches them.

Think about how many people you wish to accommodate, the size of the space you can dedicate, and the amenities to be included. If you frequently host guests, a spacious seating area would be ideal. Choose a central point of interest to position your sofa around, such as an outdoor TV, fireplace, or water feature. 

Work with your space

We understand that not everyone has a spacious garden. But this doesn’t mean that you should give up setting up a cozy entertainment area. A bistro set is ideal for small gardens, providing a relaxing spot for having breakfast or a cup of coffee while enjoying the greenery. The sets come with a foldable design, so you can remove them whenever you need to. 

If you wish to add extra space to accommodate guests, go for VidaXL outdoor benches. Benches are ideal for garden furniture as they can accommodate a few people while not occupying much of your precious space. 

Ideal garden furniture placement

The perfect spot for setting up garden furniture might also influence your choice. The best spot for your entertainment area is one with plenty of sunlight. If you have a large garden, you can set up different settings to get the most out of the sun’s rays. For example, a bistro table is perfect for grabbing the morning sun. An outdoor sofa and chairs setup that faces the sunset is ideal for the afternoons. 

Do not overdo it

Working with the space you have is crucial. Some homeowners might want to add different types of furniture to accommodate more people. However, overstuffing your garden leaves little room for moving around. Professional designers would advise you to fill the space with furniture up to two-thirds. Anything more than that would obstruct the traffic flow. 

Style your outdoor entertainment space

The decor isn’t only reserved for the home. You are free to reflect your chosen style in your outdoor living space. The first thing to do to create an elegant setting is to conceal the clutter. Hide the visible cords and equipment with planters for a streamlined look. You can also use benches with built-in storage for this purpose.

Whether your home features a mix of neutrals or vivid colors, copy the scheme in your outdoor space. In addition, the furniture material also matters. If you’re going for more relaxed styles, opt for rattan furniture. The organic texture is perfect if you wish to bring the Boho or coastal vibe. If you are after a modern look that radiates sophistication, go for metal and textile. 

Accessories add a finishing touch to your outdoor entertainment area. Consider adding lanterns, candles, throw pillows, and stylish planters to express your style. String lights are an excellent solution to create a romantic ambiance and set the mood. 

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