Get On Trend With Texture

Get On Trend With Texture

Last year it was bright tropical prints and copper; this year, there’s an organic, back-to-nature feel to interiors, with neutral earthy tones and eco-friendly materials taking centre stage, and contrasting textures providing the visual wow factor.

When we’re decorating our homes, texture is all too often an afterthought, but this season – with the colour palette dialled right down – it’s essential for a pulled-together look and preventing a largely neutral scheme from looking bland. For a truly insta-worthy home, the key is to use different textures in unexpected ways: team rough with smooth; polished surfaces with distressed or rustic finishes. It’s as easy as layering tactile fabrics such as wool or sheepskin on rattan or wicker furniture, or placing a polished brass lamp on a distressed vintage wooden sideboard.

If you’re looking to introduce texture, the floor is a key place to start, they have a naturally more authentic feel underfoot than synthetic carpet. They will not only add an extra visual and tactile dimension to a room, giving a space an instantly cosy, welcoming feel, but they’ll also cushion unwanted sound.

Sisal & Seagrass carpets come in a wealth of gorgeous colours, from natural golden and bronze shades to on-trend greys and even metallics, and are naturally hardwearing – ideal for use in busy households.

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