Had COVID-19? How to Get Your Health Back to Normal


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For almost two years, the world as we once knew it has changed a lot, with many people prioritising avoiding COVID-19. The pandemic has made a lot of changes to how we do things, with more people working and studying from home, more online shopping and more virtual socialising with friends and family. But the virus is contagious and millions of people in the UK alone have caught it. While the good news is that COVID-19 is unlikely to be highly dangerous to healthy people, and catching the virus gives you antibodies to protect you against having it again for some months, it can still be a huge knock to your overall health and wellbeing. Here are some tips for recovering if you’ve recently had COVID-19.

Get a Health Check

Going for a full health check is a good idea to see where your health is at, even if you’ve not had COVID-19 recently. Sometimes it can be difficult to tell where our health stands without the help of a professional, and getting a private health check in London can be one of the best ways to understand more about your body and what’s required to improve your health. During a full health check, you will be checked for all the basics such as blood pressure and screenings will be run to find any early symptoms of serious disease. You can have a health check conducted by Echelon Health. Echelon Health offer a range of health check packages to choose from including COVID specific health checks.

Improve Your Diet

What you put into your body can have a huge impact on your health. After having COVID-19, your body is going to need the right nutrients to make a full recovery and get back to normal. Improving your diet is the simplest way to do this. By getting more antioxidants and vitamins in your diet from healthy foods like fruit and vegetables, your immune system will improve and you may find that you start to feel better much faster.

Get Gentle Exercise

COVID-19 can impact the respiratory system, and you may notice some lingering symptoms even after you have mostly cleared the virus from your body. You may feel weak and going back to exercising could be difficult. Gentle exercise is the best way to support your recovery and strengthen your body. Walking on a regular basis is a good way to do this since it gets your body moving without putting too much pressure on your lungs. And, you can gradually do more as you begin to feel better.

Take it Easy

Everybody recovers differently from COVID-19. Some people who have had the virus found that it took them a while to get back to normal while others were able to bounce back. If you feel wiped out by the virus, don’t rush into getting back to normal life and take things at your own pace.

COVID-19 is a virus that can impact people differently. If you have had the virus, it may take some time and effort to fully recover.

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