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The global pandemic has forced companies to make major changes. An obvious example is the move towards remote working. Employees still need to communicate with one another, even if it’s not in person. For this reason, video conferencing has grown exponentially. The rise in Zoom’s success is symptomatic of this trend.

It may be that you are involved in a business, and whilst you’re not organising a physical meeting there is an upcoming webinar or virtual event. You may be wondering how to make it more effective and different than before. One option is to secure the services of an external keynote speaker. This can provide a range of different benefits, and we will now briefly visit some of these.

They Can Speak With Authority

Paid speakers don’t all come from the field of entertainment; you don’t need to employ a comedian or a TV celebrity. There are companies that can link people with folk who are leaders in their field. Businesses looking for keynote speakers frequently visit to secure them. According to the hosts at Speakers Corner, people are actively seeking experts in such things as finance, fashion, technology and innovation, so you can find the speaker in your target niche to suit your event.

They Can Endorse Your Message

It may be that you’ve been emphasizing certain aspects of your business at length. Perhaps some employees have been slow to get onboard or to accept the culture change. Sometimes it takes the voice of an external authority to convince people that what you’re saying is true.

A company may be adjusting its business plan to match the Express’s predictions on Brexit. People may be suspicious of your predictions until they hear the same thing from a specialist.

They Generate Interest

Let’s face it: not everyone looks forward to company events, unless they are social ones. If people discover someone respected and famous is attending, they will be keener to attend and listen. Should you be arranging a business awards event, the celebrity or specialist can be the one giving out the accolades.

If your company is hosting a public event, the keynote speaker can be the trump card to encourage attendance. Their face can be featured on the flyers and advertising materials, whether they are in paper form or posted online.

The Employees Will Feel Invested In

If you are promoting your future business event but the budget is small, it may be hard for people to get interested. When there are special attractions, however, people will look forward to it. They may relish the chance to speak to a specialist in pension pots or social media. If the person is well known the staff will also be keen to arrange some selfies!

It Can Make Work Fun

Whilst employment is a serious business, it’s important that people enjoy it. After all, they spend the majority of their lives doing it. People learn through laughter, so amusing keynote speeches can be effective in both entertaining people and getting the message across. A good time can be had by all, and the company can benefit in the process.

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