How to add a touch of luxury to your home office

As lockdown continues, and more and more of us are set to continue working from home, the need for a home office, or at least a dedicated space for office work is becoming paramount. But who says offices need to be drab and uninspiring? There are some simple and effective ways you can add a touch of luxury to your home office, that will help make Monday mornings that bit more bearable.

Invest in a statement desk

Whether you work full-time or part-time you’ll want your home office space to be somewhere you want to work from, and there’s no better way than investing in a statement desk. But remember, luxury means different things to different people. For you, a statement desk that oozes old world glamour could be the epitome of luxury. This could be a traditional mahogany desk, perhaps with a roll top – perfect for period properties.

Equally, you may see luxury as something paired back and elegant, in which case a sleek glass or all white desk could be how you picture luxury. Whatever you see as luxurious, make sure it’s the centre of attention.

Choose inspiring artwork

Go into any 5* hotel and you’re struck by the artwork on the walls. Perhaps the easiest style to emulate, creating a gallery wall with inspiring artwork exudes luxury. Choose pieces that inspire and excite you, but remember to stick to one theme or colour palette. Nothing cheapens a look more than mismatching décor.

Whether you choose prints from a boutique or you print your own photos, have a play around with layouts to ensure you create and curate a wall that’s both unique to you and showcases your style.

Create a dedicated space

A dedicated office space doesn’t have to have its own room, you can create a luxurious office with the help of bespoke built-in wardrobes. Create a whole office inside a wardrobe with a desk and drawers that fit neatly behind closed doors once the day is done – the best bit? The doors hide away any clutter and paperwork creating a sleek interior space where guests would never guess houses your own home office.

Calming colours

Ditch bold and brash colours in favour of calming, yet inspiring neutrals. Soft pastels help lower stress levels, while earthy colours can help you feel connected to the outside world. Avoid over-bearing wallpaper patterns that can cause eye-strain and anxiety, and instead opt for blocks of colour.

If you want to feel cosy and creative, darker hues like forest greens and moody blues should be considered – think luxurious London members club, instead of local pub.

Final flourishes

Add the final luxurious flourishes to your home office with opulent accessories like velvet cushions, scented candles, and of course beautiful china cups.

Adding a plant in a large ornate planter will also create that luxury feel, and don’t forget to tidy your desk at the end of the day. There’s nothing luxurious about coming in the next morning to a messy workspace.

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