How To Make Family Memories That Last

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Making happy memories with our families is so important. It has a positive impact on our mental health, can protect us from stress and helps us to live in the moment. It can be difficult to find time in our busy lives, but it really is essential to spend quality time as a family. Create memoires you will cherish forever. 

Family Scrapbook.

Every year make a family scrapbook. Then on New Year’s Eve have a look back on all the memories you have made. Add tickets of places you have visited, shells and things your kids have collected. Photos you take can be stuck in and why not write some little captions to remind you of fun things that happened that day. This is a great place to keep artwork made by your children too. Greeting cards often hold sentimental value, so if you love giving great cards, then you can find some great ones that could be great in a scrapbook later on. If you’ve got a family gathering coming up and want a unique card, have a look at Card Gallery here. The very act of putting pen to paper to send you an intimate and personal message is very special. The tangible nature of them makes them perfect for your scrapbook. You won’t be able to look through all the text messages you have received in years to come but keeping cards to look through will be very special. These scrapbooks will be such a wonderful keepsake and they can be passed down from generation to generation.

Take Photos

Having a camera at our fingertip’s day in day out on our smartphones has helped us capture more than ever. We can keep snapping away until we get the perfect shot. However how many do you actually print? There are 1000s of memories sitting there on your phone. Go back through and choose some of the best ones and print them. You can frame them or put them in an album to flick through with your family. Or get creative and make a collage out of them or how about cutting some into pieces to create your own fun personalised puzzles? The trick here is to engage with the photos, relive the happy times in which they were taken and enjoy them. A photo wall is a great talking point and will always act as a visual reminder of all the things you have done together.

Be a Kid                                                

Let go and take yourself back to the freedoms of childhood. Being a big kid with your children is sure to create some of the best memories and ones they remember forever. Dress up in silly outfits or have some fun with face paints. Build a fort with the sofa cushions and eat delicious treats that you baked together. Have a water balloon fight in the garden and then get snuggled up in warm towels. No snow for a snowball fight? Have a sock fight instead, roll them into balls and start throwing! These are the memories that laughter is made of and there’s nothing quite so precious. Taking yourself back to the carefree days of childhood is a great stress reliever.  You will remember how to be more mindful and it’s a great way to let off steam.

Cook Together

Cooking is an important part of life and will benefit your family in so many ways. Have a family meal night once a week or more if you can. Cook new and exciting food together the messier the better! Take your time and make it special. Lay the table and encourage everyone to get involved. Eating together is so much more than just food. It might be the only time everyone can sit down and be together in the week so make the most of it. Use this time to bond over the dinner table and talk to each other about your day. This is the perfect time for open communication and a chance for you all to help and encourage each other.

Family Night Of The Week 

It can sometimes be hard to pin everyone down these days. What with work, after school clubs, appointments and errands it becomes never-ending. Try to designate a night per week for family time. It doesn’t have to be the same night every week, whatever works for you at the time but try to save a night for the family. Schedule it on the calendar so everyone knows and that way it will seem more official and therefore more important. Games nights are so enjoyable, and you can all get a little competitive. Why not include prizes or the winner can pick the snacks next time. A movie night with your favourite food is also a great way to all chill and unwind.

Learn Together

How about learning something new together. This is fantastic for bonding and the memories you make will be invaluable. You can learn a new skill such as cooking or painting. How about learning a language together you can help each other improve by speaking it around the house? An instrument is a great one especially in years to come when you can both play it for your extended families. These activities can be passed down and you will always remember that you did it together. Sport is a great activity to learn together, play and practise your skills and then organise a tournament to showcase everything you have learned.

Travel / Go for Days Out

If you can afford to spend a little money, then travelling with your family is one of the most special ways to create memories that last a lifetime. Experience new places, foods, and cultures. Explore the world, holidays give you the chance to take a break from your daily schedule and have some quality time as a family. Being away from the stresses of your daily routine gives you the freedom to let go. For a more budget-friendly option, a fun day out can be just as enjoyable. Pack up the car and have a singsong on the way. Pick a theme and then you can all join in. If you’re going to the zoo how about listening to animal-themed songs on the way and wearing animal print clothes. Travelling as a family is so important, use the time to focus on each other and forget about everything else.

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