Looking for a new job? With the summer holidays in full swing, why not use that time to get paid testing bean bags with your pooch? That’s right, if you love lazing around with your four-legged friend, you could now do it for cash!

But, there’s a catch: the position is only open to children! Great Bean Bags, is recruiting to fill what could be a dream job while we’re indoors working, and for one duo to take on the specialist roles of ‘beanbag tester and quality assurance specialists’.

According to the job advert on its website, it is open to anyone across the world and the lucky duo will receive the latest beanbags for themselves and their pet, earn £50 (or the equivalent) for each review, as well as a heap of doggy treats.

If having a job with your dog wasn’t enough, the successful applicant will also receive a matching ‘official reviewer’ uniform to wear with their dog whilst working.

To apply, prospective candidates need to submit their favourite picture of them and their dog that shows they are a good team and explain why they are the most qualified for the job and why they work well together.

If hired, the new duo will be taught how a bean bag is made and learn what makes quality, so they know what to look out for in their new role.

For the full job description, visit the job ad here.

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